KY meditation for Commanding the Command Center of the Glandular System KY meditations (taught May 19" 1993 YB, from Self Knowledge)

1. Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. The right arm is held at shoulder level and extends out straight from the body with the palm down. The left elbow is bent and the fingertips of the left hand rest on the center of the forehead in a vertical line between the hairline and the root of the nose. The thumb points straight up. Close your eyes and pump your navel as fast as you can. Your whole body must shake with the power of the navel movement. You may do this with or without breath of fire. 3 Minutes. To finish: Take three full, deep breaths. Inhale deeply, exhale, hold the breath out for 10 seconds, squeeze all the muscies of the body and inhale. Repeat this sequence two more times and relax.This exercise powerfiilly cleans out the subconscious mmd.


2. Extend your arms out straight in front with the elbows slightly bent and the palms facing upward. The hands are s!ightly cupped. Find your own balance. (This posture puts a pressure on the third and fourth vertebrae. The hands will become heavier and heavier in a few seconds.) Open your mouth, tilt your head back a little, relaxing lips, teeth and tongue. Pump your navel vigorously. 3 Minutes.
To finish: Inhale, while holding the breath 20 seconds, lock your back molars and tighten your jaw. Exhale and repeat the sequence two more times. Relax. Practicing this kriya every day can give you the spirit to conquer death.
3. Open your arms and extend them out from the body as if welcoming a hug. Inhale and, holding the breath as long as you can, criss-cross the hands rapidly in front of the chest. Each hand ahernately passes above and below the other hand, so that the complete motion is an over-under, criss-cross. Exhale , inhale, hold and begin the criss-cross again. 3 Minutes. Relax, lie down and sleep. Relax every part of the body and let it recuperate. Experience how quickly neurosis can leave you. This meditation cleans the subconscious mind through stimulating the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland, the 6th chakra, is responsible for intuition and projection. It is connected to the seventh layer of the neurons of the brain.
We are in the great transition of the Age. Its turbulence will make the old ways of coping ineffective. This set finds the center of the hurricane, the calmness that gives clarity and confidence in the midst of chaos. Practice this set to joyfully ride the waves of time and to sense when to act and when to relax. GSK

COMMENTS: In the Age of Aquarius, the depression and stress on mankind will tear up people who do not have the technical knowledge of self. YB