The last two digits of the year you were bom in is the third number. For example, if you were born in 1950, the Year Number is the digits 5 + 0. Add only the last two digits of the year. Because for the year 99 (9+9=18=1+8=9) the gift is 9 , is in the year 00 the gift 10. This number represents God’s Gift to you in this lifetime. It means that this particular spiritual body was a gift to you.

Note: a number lower than 12 is not added!

The Gift Number is what it says - God’s gift to you. He has given you that particular spiritual body; it works really well for you. It’s something that you can rely on; it’s your basis for strength.

When I do the numbers for people I often ask the question, “Did you have a hard time accepting gifts when you were young?” There have been 3 or 4 cases where people have refused to use their Gift in this lifetime. Yogi Bhajan has been extremely heavy with those people because they were refusing the one thing that God gave them directly. A lot of people have a hard time accepting gifts and they don’ t recognize the fact that they have the power of that particular Gift Number; they are not using it; they have no strength that they can fall back on.

A lot of people who arent’t doing any spiritual discipline don’t use their Gift at all - they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t have their strength. These people don’t use anything as their strength.

People who are not spiritual are self-destructive; we all know that. When we weren’ t spiritual we were doing all kinds of things to self-destruct. The minute we begin to look at things positively, when we feel that there is hope,
we begin to use our Gift. When we begin to use our Gift, we begin to express ourselves positively.

As long as you accept your Gift you have the ability to tune in to your Soul. What that means is that you can go right to a peaceful place when you are under stress, you have the ability to connect with your Soul at that particular time.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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