Kundalini Yoga Pranayama to balance mental energy KY pranayama taught September 20' 1971 and October 19' 1971

1. Sit in easy pose with an erect spine. The eyes are open gazing straight foreward. Arms are straight with hands on the knees in gyan mudra. (1) Inhale constantly for 5 seconds. Hold the breath for 10 seconds and then exhale constantly for 5 seconds. Begin with this rhythm for 10 to 15 minutes gradually increasing the breathing time to inhaling 10 seconds, holding 15 seconds, and exhaling 10 seconds. Meditate on the infiow and outflow of breath. It is the divine spark of life.

II. Sit in easy pose with an erect spine. Focus the attention at the brow point. Use the right index (Jupiter) finger to alternately open and close the nostrils (Ila & llb) in the followingsequence: Inhale deeply through the left nostril, hold 45 seconds, exhale through the right nostril in 4 equal parts. After adapting to this rhythm, (3 to 4 minutes) change the exhale to 8 equal parts. Continue for 10 minutes.


The radiance and beauty of a person depends on the clarity and glitter of his circumvent force field which in turn depends on the balance of energy in the left (moon) and right (sun) sides of the body. The first pranayam creates this balance and allows the mind to rid itself of doubts. The mind has many stages and states. It constantly generates the waves of thought you need in order for you and your brain to relate to this world. Normally people teach meditations to restrict the flow of the thought. You can not stop the thoughts given the intellect from being produced, but you can alter your relation to them selectively. Most meditations lead you to the state of suspension or the state of void. Few even teach you to reach the state of pratyahara. To focus the mind’s meditation to this state is the job of the second pranayam.