Alexander Smit Advaita Teacher

Alexander Smit

The head clear,

the heart gentle,

and roll up your sleeves.



You feel for instance your finger,
In what is that finger seen?
It is percepted in something bigger than that finger.
That perception again is seen in space
and that space exists perfect in itsself.

That space doesn't become bigger, doesn't become smaller,
has no colour, has no form,
is neither born, nor is it sustained, nor shall it die,
exists completely in itsself, effortless
and that is also your experience, every day.


With love added it is Availability,
Seen from Existence it is Beingness,
with the scent of feeling added it is Bliss.
With the scent of intelligence added it is Clearness,
with the scent of words added it is poetry,
with the scent of sound added it is music,
with the scent of form added it is art,
with the scent of moving people added it is coziness, warmth, communication,
with the scent of children added it is playful,
with the scent of nature added it is magnificent,
with the scent of the microscope added it is miraculous,
with the scent of the universe added it is unlimited,

SPACE outside, SPACE inside
outside no limit, inside no limit.

Where am I?


(*) Updated March 23' 2005

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