Outside or inside

The Master had his eyes closed
I closed mine too
I was aware of my body
My heart became warmer and warmer
I kept observing
And expected to come out of my body
Watching my body
Nothing happened

What are you waiting for
Said The Master
I opened my eyes
Looking with anticipation at the Master
That you take me with you out of my body
You look at the wrong direction
Said the Master
Go inside

I can do that
I said
Closing my eyes
going in
Deeper and deeper I went
You are not this body
Nor this thinking, feeling
Said the Master

I am awareness
Come and go
In me
Emerge and fade away
In me

Four eyes looking at each other
I feel love flowing to the Master
Without attachment
Said the Master
Four eyes looking at each other
No outside
Only inside

Written in Dutch January 30' 2002
Translated January24' 2003

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