Kundalini Yoga - Keeping the body beautiful KY kriyas (translated from Kundalini Yoga Kroniek)


The purpose of this series is, to make you enchantingly beautiful. It will bring you in a stage, in which you will meditate on Infinity and you will be in harmony with the Cosmos. To create joy in meditation, we have to bring us on a level of consciousness, where we can appreciate the stream of new energy.

1. Sit on your heels and place your hands on the ground, somewhat in front of your knees. Keep the spine straight and your head up. You should look like a Buddhist temple lion. Begin to flex the spine forward as far as you can (1A) and backwards as far as you can (1B), while you keep your arms straight. Powerful breathe in flexing forward and breathe out flexing backward, in a constant rhythm. It will make your forehead hot and will make your spine sweat. (3 minutes)

Exercise 1 purifies the blood and strengthens the whole nervous system. Regular practice keeps you from many back aches. It makes pain in the shoulders disappear.

2. Immediately bring your hands behind your back in venus mudra and lift them with arms stretched behind your back as high as possible. (1—2 minutes.) Breathe in and relax. Rest 2 minutes.

Exercise 2 improves the bloodstream and so the beauty of cheeks and lips, so you don't need cosmetics anymore.

3. Stretch your legs in front of you and place your hands behind you on the ground. Slowly lift your legs 60 degrees up and hold them there. Try to lean backwards as less as possible supporting you with your hands. Stay 1-3 minutes in this position. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Exercise 3 stretches the sciatic nerve. If you practice it as you should, you will have less moments of headache. If your legs start trembling, realise that it is better they tremble now, during the exercise, than later in life while walking.

4. Bring immediately the knees to the chest. Keep your feet 15 cm of the floor and keep your balance like you did in exercise 3. Do 1-2 minutes the Breath of Fire. Breathe in and relax.

In exercise 4 50 powerful repetitions of the breath of fire cycle is sufficient to purify the blood completely. The breathing should not be interrupted. It purifies the lungs and stimulates the life-force in a way, so you can keep your youth, your strength and your power to work longer.

5. Stretch your legs and grab your toes. Keep the arms completely straight .Stretch your back and pull in your chin and pull your feet. Put big pressure on the toes. Role the eyes up and close the eyelids. (2 minutes).

6. Then you begin, without changing the pose, to sing the mantra “HAM” which means “us”. It releases you of your individual insignificance and tensions. Continue the “mmmm”-sound longer.

Exercises 5 and 6 stimulate the 2 master glands of the blood: the liver and the spleen.

This short series is capable of making you a new man. It enhances the mental as well as the physical beauty. Many of us don't know anymore what beauty really is. Beauty is good health and a radiance of the soul through the whole body and out. You have certainly seen a participant of a beauty contest, who was pretty or attractive, but was not beautiful, because she missed a certain grace. She was uncertain in her relation to the spectators and with the unknown in herself.

Yogi Bhajan