Kundalini Yoga Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana KY kriyas (From Aquarius Teacher)

1. Life Nerve Stretch Variation. Sit with the right leg straight out and the left foot on the right thigh. Grab the big toe of the right foot with the thumbs of both hands, pressing against the toenail and the first two fingers of both hands applying a pressure against the soft part of the toe. Pull back on the big toe. Stretch the spine straight. Tuck the chin into the cavity above the chest. Begin Breath of Fire. Contimue for 1-2 minutes. Then inhale, change legs, and continue for 1-2 minutes more. Inhale and relax. This exercise opens the lungs, balances the polarity of the aura, and stimulates the pituitary.

2. Kicking buttocks. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides. Bring the knees into the chest and begin alternately kicking the buttocks with the heels. Syngronize your breathing with de kicking of the buttocks. Continue 1-3 minutes. Inhale and relax. This exercise is an aid to digestion.

3. Leg Push-pull. Remaining on the back, raise both legs to a height of 18 inches. Inhale and draw the left knee to the chest. Exhale as you extend the left leg and simultaniusly draw the right knee to the chest, keeping the lower legs parallel to the floor. Continue this push-pull motion with powerful breathing for 1-3 minutes. Inhale and extend both legs out. Exhale and relax. This exercise aids in digestion.

4. Front Platform. Lie on the stomach. Place the hands under the shoulders and raise the body until the elbows lock. The waight of the body is supported by either the palms or the fingertips, and the tops of the feet. The body, from the head to the toes, forms a straight line. Begin Breath of Fire. Continue for 1-3 minutes. Inhale and hold the breath briefly. Exhale. Inhale. Then exhale completely and hold the breath out briefly. Inhale and relax. This exercise gives strenght to the lower back and stimulates the brain.

5. Stretch Pose. Lie on the back, push the base of the spine into the ground, bring the feet together, and raise the heels 6 inches. Raise the head and shoulders 6 inches and stare at your toes with your arms stretched out, pointing at the toes. In this position inhale hold briefly. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale completely and apply mulbandh. Inhale and relax. This exercise activates and balances the Third Chakra, sets the Navel Point and aids in digestion.

6. Heart Center Stretch for Healing. Sit in Easy Pose.

6a. Spread the arms at an angle of 60 degrees, parallel to the ground, as if to receive someone. Spread and tense the fingers. Take a few long deep breaths.


6b. Inhale and bring the fingers into tight fists. Slowly bring the fists to the center of the chest as if bringing in a great weight. When they reach the center of the chest exhale forcefully. Repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times.
6c. Then spreading the arms at an angle of 60 degrees or more, tense the fingers and breathe long and deep. 1 minute.
6d Then slowly bring the hands to a position 4 inches apart in front of the chest with the palms facing each other, fingers pointing up. Staring at the space between the palms, feel the energy flow between the hands. Continue long deep breathing in this position for 1-2 minutes.
6e. Then bring the palms together at the center of the chest. Meditate at the Brow Point for 1 minute.

6e. Then bending forward from the waist bring the forehead and the palms to the floor. Relax in this position for 1-2 minutes.

This exercise brings mental and physical focus to the hands and opens the Heart Center.

7. Meditation. Return to a cross-legged sitting position. Meditate.


8. Deeply relax.

Comments: This kriya balances prana and apana by focusing on the Third Chakra at the Navel Point and then at the Heart Center. It is good for general strenght, for digestion, for abdominal toning, for allevating mild depression and for developing the healing flow of prana through the hands.