Kundalini Yoga brain doctor kriya KY kriyas

1. Sit in Lotus Pose. Place the hands by the hips and bounce up and down using the hands to push the body up off the floor. Move rapidly in coordination with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.

To the Yogi, one’s own age is measured by flexibility. When a man cannot sit in Lotus Pose he is equivalent to 40 years of age and when a woman cannot sit in Lotus Pose, she is equivalent to 120 years of age.

2. Lie on the stomach with the forehead on the floor. Interlock the hands at the small of the back. Inhale and raise the head and upper torso as high as possible, then exhale down to the original position. Repeat the cycle 52 times.

This exercise helps adjust the ribcage.

3. As in Exercise 2, inhale and raise the head and upper torso as high as possible, and at the same time strike the buttocks with both heels. Exhale and relax down. Repeat this cycle 52 times, then relax with the arms by the sides.

This exercise strengthens the lower back and helps eliminate lower back pain

4. Lie on the back with the hands interlocked at the navel point. Jump the legs up and back toward the head, lifting the buttocks off the ground. Repeat this jumping motion 52 times.

This exercise is great for releasing pent-up tension and frustration!

5. Squat into Crow Pose. Extend the arms straight in front parallel to the ground with the palms together.

a. Inhale, stand up and clap the hands over the head.

b. exhale, squat down and clap the hands straight in front.

Repeat the complete cycle 52 times.



6. This is a four-part exercise. Each part is done for four counts.

A. Begin by sitting in Easy Pose with the arms extended to the sides, parallel to the ground, palms facing down. Keep the arms perfectly straight and tight like iron throughout the following sequence.

a.. First, pump the arms 3 times as though you were flying. On the fourth count, firmly slap the ground (A)

b. Second, pump the arms 3 times and on the fourth count clap the hands above the head. (B)

c. Third, pump the arms 3 times. On the fourth count extend the arms in front parallel to the ground and clap the hands. (C)

d. Finally, pump the arms 3 times and on the fourth count clap the hands behind the head. (D)

When the sequence becomes familiar, substitute the mantra Har Har Har Hari for the counting. Chant in rhythm with the movement for 2 minutes.

This series of exercises focuses on the brain. Using the mantra Har Har Har Hari causes the projective brain to assist the initial brain. Keeping the arms straight and tight stimulates reflexology points along the arms and “is better than the best acupuncture.


7. Repeat the entire series of postures in exercise 6 using the Guru Gaitri Mantra: Gobinday, Mukanday, Udaaray, Apaaray, Hareeung, Kareeung, Nirnaamay, Akaamay. The sequence is the same but the pumping motion is faster. Pump the arms up and down once with each word of the mantra. Clap the hands on Apaaray and Akaamay. Continue for 3 minutes.

Using the Guru Gaitri Mantra is more difficult because there are more words to match with the actions. The eastern zone, or the initial and projective part of the brain, is stimulated by the word changes in the mantra. The Guru Gaitri Mantra is unique in its ability to effectively balance the initial and projective brain. When both parts of the brain unite in a balanced way, it enables the brain to function creatively, to communicate effectively and project any necessary defense. This exercise tests your I.Q.

  8. Repeat Exercise 6 for 3 minutes.

9. Sit in Easy Pose with the eyes closed and meditate on the song Himalaya or another beautiful song. As you listen to it let the sound of the words and music create a frequency for the right brain to receive and then stimulate the left brain to create movement. Sing along with the tape and imagine you are flying at 40,000 feet. Meditatively move the shoulders, torso, arms and hands to creatively express yourself. This is a basic human movement. Express your feelings freely through your body movement for 5 minutes.

You can develop great healing power in your hands by learning to project beautiful songs in this way. It is an effective means of communicating with your inner self and of projecting your essence outward. And that essence is the healing force within you, which is God.

It is especially beneficial for a woman to develop the ability to express herself through her body language to effectively communicate her presence. Otherwise, she taxes her sensual, sexual and sensitive self and loses her balance.

Opmerking: Effective communicatian is when you can communicate the total you honestly and freely. The two hemispheres of the brain must be in synchronized relationship for his to happen. This kriya is a brain doctor. It patches the two hemispheres together so you can both sense and project who you really are. This series reduces overall body tension and enhances the awareness of the self. The inner creative self can project its essence outward. Equally, it can receive the wholeness of others with complete empathy and intuition. - Yogi Bhajan

From Inner Workout, Taught by Yogi Bhajan in the summer of 1985 at the Khalsa Women's Training Camp