Kundalini Yoga for Sat Kriya Workout KY kriyas (From Aquarius Teacher)


1. Sat Kriya. Sit on the heels with the arms overhead and the palms together. Interlace the fingers except for the index fingers, which point straight up. Men cross the right thumb over the left thumb; women cross the left thmub over the right. Begin chanting Sat Naam in the rhythm and style of Sat Kriya. Continue for 5 minutes. Then inhale, exhale and apply mulbandh. Relax on the back for 3 minutes.

2. Sat Kriya. Repeat exercise 1.

3.Chest Stretch. Sit in Easy Pose with an erect spine. Interlace the fingers and place the palms at the back of the neck. Spread the elbows open so they point away from the sides of the torso. Concentrate at the Brow Point. Begin long deep complete breaths. Continue for 3 minutes. Then inhale and hold the breath briefly, and relax.

4. Sat Kriya. Repeat exercise 1 for 3 minutes. Relax for 2 minutes.

5. Frog Pose. Stand up straight with the heels together. Squat down into the Frog Pose. Inhale as the buttocks go up and the head goes toward the knees. Exhale as you return to the squat position with the head up. The fingertips stay placed on the ground in front of the feet throughout the motion. Repeat the frog pose 26 times. Relax for 1 minute.

6. Sat Kriya. Repeat exercise 1 for 3 minutes. Relax for 1 minute.

7. Frog Pose. 10 times. Immediately go to the next exercise.

8. Sat Kriya for 3 minutes. No rest.

9. Frog Pose. 15 times. No rest.

10. Sat Kriya for 3 minutes. No rest.

11. Frog Pose. 10 times. No rest.

12. Sat Kriya for 5 minutes. At the end inhale deeply and hold with mulbandh for 30 seconds. Then exhale completely and hold the breath out with mahabandh as long as is comfortable. Repeat this breath holding cycle 2 more times. Relax for 15 minutes.

Comments: This will energize and balance the lower triangle. It is very curative for any digestive or sexual ailments. It gives endurance and breaks fevers. It often produces a pleasant sweat and cleansing of the skin. The first few times the legs may shake or be slightly weak. As the muscles build, you will walk with increased grace and certainty. The transitions between exercises are smooth So the phrase 'no rest' does not mean leap and jerk. You may need to remind people to concentrate on the centers as they do Sat Kriya. Be sure that the chin is pulled in on Sat Kriva and that the face is forward in the down position of Frog Pose.

Teachers: This can be taught for beginners, intermediate, or advanced. As written, it is for intermediate students or students in good physical condition. To adapt it for beginners decrease the exercise times and increase the rests between exercises. For 1, do 3 minutes of Sat Kriya and 5 minutes of rest. After exercises 7-11 add 1 minute of rest or slightly less depending on the class. As an advanced set that assumes you are warmed up and in good shape eliminate the rest periods from exercises 4-6.