Kundalini Yoga for abdominal strengthening KY kriyas

1) Sit on the heels. Interlock the fingers (venus lock) behind the neck. Spread the elbows wide apart.
Begin breath of fire for 2 minutes.

2) Lie on the stomach. Reach back and grab the ankles. Pull the ankles toward the buttocks keeping the chest on the ground. Hold for 2 minutes with normal breathing.
3) Stretch pose: Lie on the back. Raise the head and heels six inches off the ground. Point the hands toward the toes. Begin breath of fire for 2 minutes.
4) Lie on the back. Begin a bicycling motion with the legs keeping them parallel to the ground. Use deep breaths. Continue for 2 minutes.
5) Stil on the back, keep the legs together with the toes pointed forward. Inhale and smoothly raise both legs to 90°. Then exhale as you lower them. Use deep breaths. Continue for 2 minutes.


6) Lie on the stomach. Place the palms on the ground under the shoulders (6A). Slowly arch up into cobra pose (6B). Lift the feet up toward the head (6C). Hold for 2 minutes.


7) Lie on the back. Bring both knees up to the chest and hold them there with the hands. Roll forward and back on the spine. Continue for 2 minutes.

8) Lie on. the stomach. Extend the arms forward with the palms flat together. Arch the back so the arms, chest and legs lift off the ground. Hold this extended locust with breath of fire for 2 minutes.

9) Stil on the stomach, reach back and grasp the ankles. Arch up into bow pose. Do breath of fire for 2 minutes, then relax.

10) Stand up straight. Keep the legs together. Extend the arms to the sides, parallel to the ground with palms facing down. Without twisting the torso, bend to the left with a deep inhale, then bend to the right with the exhale. Continue this pendulum.like motion for 2 minutes.

11) Still standing, spread the legs 1 to 2 feet apart. Then swing one arm out to the side, parallel to the ground as the other arm bends in with the palm on the chest. Then switch arms. Inhale as the left arm swings out, exhale as the right arm swings out. Continue for 2 minutes.

12) Still standing, raise both arms straight up with palms facing up (12A). Exhale as you bend forward and try to put the palms on the ground (12B). Inhale as you raise up. Continue for 2 minutes.

13) Lie on the back. Repeat the fourth exercise, the parallel bicycle, for 2 minutes.

14) On the back, inhale while raising the left leg to 90°. Exhale as you lower it. Repeat with the right leg. For 2 minutes, continue this alternate leg lifting with deep breaths.

15) Sit on the heels with the arms stretched up and the palms together (if it is to hard, use the Venus Mudra with extended indexfingers). Begin Sat Kriya. Pull in the navel point and say, “Sat,” relax the navel point and say “Nam.” Continue rhythmically for 3 minutes. Then inhale deeply, hold, apply mul bhand. Relax.

16) Sit straight with both legs extended. Lift the legs up 60° from the ground. Extend the arms parallel to the ground with palms down. Begin breath of fire. Continue for 2 minutes. Then totally relax.

This kriya gives you a good physical workout. It strengthens the navel point, abdominal muscles, and lower back. It improves circulation. It strengthens the nervous system so that your behavior can be constant and direct. It is an excellent set for strengthening the digestive system. Yogi Bhajan.