Kundalini Yoga for advanced kundalini yoga set 1 KY kriyas

1. Lie on the stomach and place the hands beneath the shoulders.
Push up with the arms until they are straight and the spine is arched all the way up (Cobra Pose). The pelvic area should remain on the floor. Let the head fall all the way back. Start kicking the heels alternately on the buttocks as fast as possible. As one foot comes toward the buttocks, the other one returns to the floor. Continue for l minute. Relax for l minute.

2. Come into a squatting position (Frog Pose) on the toes with the heels touching. The knees spread wide apart so that the arms come straight down between the legs and the fingertips rest on the floor. The arms should be in a straight line from shoulder to fingertips. Make note of their exact position and do not alter this during the exercise. Inhale, and come into a standing position, lifting the hands up from the floor and maintaining the same angle of the arms with the body. Stand all the way up, keeping straight and tight.
Exhale and return to the squatting position. The breath comes automatically, because the movement of the skeletal system forces the breath.
Continue at a constant and strong pace for 2-3 minutes. This exercise is good for the digestive energy.

3. Without pause from the above exercise, cross the arms over the chest (Indian Chief style), and continue the same motion with the legs, inhaling into an upright stance, exhaling back into the squatting position. Continue for 2-3 minutes. This version is for sexual energy.
4. Continue as above, but with the hands in Venus Lock (fingers interlaced, palms facing down) exactly on top of the head (just where the rishi knot is). Keep up for 2-3 more minutes. No relaxation. This is for the nervous system

5. Stand up straight, the feet just a few inches apart. This kriya is similar in movement to Tai Chi. Extend both arms out to the side, angled slightly forward, with elbow's bent and palms facing downward. The left hand will be held just below shoulder level, and the right will be just above shoulder level and extended a little farther away from the body than the left. You will feel a balance come.
Keep the arms in this exact position throughout the exercise. Now, lift up on the toes (balls of feet), and without moving the feet, twist from the waist a little bit to the right, and then lower the heels back to the floor.
Take four more such motions to complete the twist to the right. Then reverse, taking five turns to face forward again. Proceed in the same way. twisting to the left. 'the motion is graceful, rhythmic and balanced.
Keep the magnetic balance of the hands, moving slowly, with control and a meditative mind. Do it as a worship so that it becomes a dance, keeping the eyes closed. 4-5 minutes.

6. Stand with the feet two to three feet apart. Bend the knees coming into a position as if sitting in a chair. Bend forward about 60 degrees from the waist, keeping a balance, extending the arms out and down in front so that they are at the same angle apart as the legs. The elbows are bent at about a 120 degree angle with the palms facing down. The elbows will be just above the knees. Begin a bouncing movement from the knees, so the entire body (except the lower legs) is going up and down in rhythm. Begin twisting from the waist, side to side, taking several bounces to go to each side, keeping the arms at the same angle, like blessing the earth. It is just like a basic movement of an indian dance, and gives a powerful working sensitivity.
Keep the eyes focused at the third eye point. Continue for 2-3 minutes.

7. Stand on the left foot, and extend the right leg straight out in front, without bending the knee, parallel to the floor. Take hold of the right ankle with both hands, trying to stand straight. Focus the eyes at the third eye point. This kriya is called Kundalini Praan Dandh. Hold for 2-3 minutes.


8. Stand with feet about three feet apart. Make hands into a Venus Lock. Bend slightly forward from the waist. Raise arms up at an angle to the right, stretching up high. Swing down powerfully with the arms, as if forcefully coming down with an axe, and follow through with the motion up to the left, stretching high. Then swing back down to the right and up, and so on, continuing with a powerful rhythm and mental concentration. Use a striking force. The upper body moves also, and falls into rhythm, the hands coming near to the floor as they come down. Continue for 2-3 minutes.

Relax 10 to 15 minutes.


Comments: This set adjusts all of the skull bones through the pelvic bone system. The pelvic bone is where the breath of life is triggered and where the breathing power of the pranic body is found. The lungs are cleansing processors, the diaphragm is an aid to that process, and it is through the spinal column that the energy flows.

Set 1 and set 2 can be done seperately or together.

Yogi Bhajan taught these sets in October 1984