Kundalini Yoga for advanced kundalini yoga set 2 KY kriyas

1. Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged) with a straight spine. Place the right hand over the left, palms of both hands facing down, and pointing away from the body. Lock fingers (just like Venus Lock, except both palms face the same direction) and stretch the arms up to the right side, with the elbows straight. Begin a swinging motion, swinging the arms down forcefully at a backwards angle to the right, and then forward up to the right side again. Keep in mind that the ''up'' position is up to the right, and not in front of the body.
Continue for 1 minute. Then change sides, reversing the hand position, and go for 1 minute. Then change sides again for 1,5 minutes, and change sides again and go for 1 minute. If you cannot move the arms this way, the liver, spleen, pancreas, and adrenals have no power to be massaged. Move from the base of the spine and move like mad! Use the weight of the hands like a hammer.

2. Come into Frog Pose. Inhale and stand up, keeping the fingertips on the floor, and exhale and return to the squatting position. They must be done very fast. 1,5 to 2 minutes.

3. Lie on back and bring feet up to buttocks, feet flat on floor, and catch hold of ankles. Begin raising and lowering the hips as fast as possible, arching the spine up, with Breath of Fire. Keep going for 3 minutes. Neuroses and everything else will come out of you.


4. Lie down on back with the heels touching. Lock hands in Venus Lock beneath neck. Inhale and sit up, bringing forehead to knees, exhale and return to original position. 2 minutes.


5. Lie down on back. Raise legs to 60 degrees and open them wide apart.
Begin criss-crossing the legs for 0,5 to 1 minute. Without pause, begin to incorporate the arms, raising them up straight overhead as the legs are spread wide apart, and returning them to the floor behind the head as the legs cross. 3 more minutes.
A good brain exercise.

6. Frog Pose, again for 52 times. Then come into Cobra Pose.

7. From Cobra Pose, come into a modified platform position on the hands and knees. Inhale into this position, and exhale, bringing the nose to the floor. Go down and up, down and up, 52 times (Like a Ladies' Push-up).
8. On stomach, take hold of ankles and come up into Bow Pose, lifting the thighs and chest from the floor, trying to bring the toes toward the head. Begin rocking back and forth using the breath. Continue for 2 minutes. To quote the Siri Singh Sahib, ''Whoever shall rock like this for 15 to 20 minutes shall never see the old age''.


9. Sit in Easy Pose, in perfect Gyan Mudra, like yogis. Chant the Ardas Bhaee Mantra (standard tune) for 3 minutes. RELAX

Set 1 and set 2 can be done seperately or together.

Yogi Bhajan taught these sets in October 1984