Kundalini Yoga for advanced kundalini yoga set 6 KY kriyas Taught by Yogi Bhajan May 4 1977

1. Sit in Easy Pose. Open the mouth as wide as possible. Bend the neck and place the head on the left shoulder. Then place it on the right shoulder.
Continue this movement for 2 minutes.

This kriya works on adjusting the jaw.

2. Remain in Easy Pose. Jut the lower jaw forward in an exaggerated underbite and smile. Rock the head from side to side as in Exercise 1 for 2 minutes.

This exercise is good for the teeth.

3. Remain in Easy Pose. Jut the lower jaw as in Exercise 2, wrinkle the nose. and cross the eyes. Raise the shoulders to the ears and pull the head down to meet the rising shoulders. Then lower the shoulders and stretch the neck upwards. Maintain the facial expression and continue the hunching motion for 2 minutes.

This kriya exercises the face and neck muscles.


4. Remain in Easy Pose. Place the right hand on the right rear of the head with the palm against the head. Begin pushing the head toward the left front and resist with the neck muscles. Continue for 90 seconds.

This will give you a neck adjustment.


5. Remain in Easy Pose. Place the hands on the knees. Rotate the shoulders either forward or backward for 3 minutes.

This kriya is good for eliminating calcium deposits.

6. Remain in Easy Pose. Cross the forearms and grasp opposite elbows. Raise tbe crossed arms as high as possible toward the head and lower them back down as rapidly as possible. Continue for 2 minutes.


7. Remain in Easy Pose. Grasp the elbows with the arms behind the back. Again raise and lower the arms as rapidly as possible. Continue for 2 minutes.

8. Come up onto the hands and knees. Drop the spine as in Cow Pose. Extend the left leg straight out and raise it as high as possible. Continue 3 minutes and then reverse for 3 minutes. Come back into Cow Pose. Open the mouth stick out the tongue and begin Breath of Fire for 1 minute.

This exercise adjusts the spine in areas not accessible to chiropractic adjustment. If a woman takes air into the vagina while practicing this kriya a basic structural defect is indicated and she needs to wear a sanitary pad at all times.

9. Sit in Easy Pose. Press the thumbs into the temples. Rotate the eyes for 1 minute. Maintaining the pressure on the temples open the eyes as wide as possible and close them. Continue opening and closing the eyes for 1 minute.

10. Sit with the spine straight and the knees firmly held into the chest by the arms. Rock forward in an effort to get onto the feet. This will not be possible but in the effort correct muscular tension will be created.

With this kriya, the toes and balls of the feet (the "paws") are adjusted.

11. Remain in the seated position with the knees drawn into the chest. Place the hands on the ground at the sides of the body and balance the entire body weight on the hands and heels. Hold the position for 1 - 2 minutes.

This is a kriya for adjusting the knees and ankles.

12. This is a four part exercise: a) Come into Shoulder Stand and begin pumping alternate legs up and down for 1 minute; b) Keeping both legs up, do Breath of Fire for 1 minute; c) Spreading the legs wide apart, continue Breath of Fire for 2 minutes; and d) Bring the legs together, inhale, exhale and relax.

Part a) massages the liver and colon eliminating problems wih the liver spleen, or gall bladder.
In Part c) problems with the sciatica are avoided by this muscle stretch.

13. Squat down into Frog Pose. Straighten the legs and raise the buttocks. The heels do not need to be on the floor. Keeping the legs straights bend at the elbows and touch the nose to the floor. Straighten the arms and raise the nose from the floor. Squat back down into frog pose. Repeat the motion for 3 minutes.

This kriya flushes the chest with blood. It is good for the heart, the hearing and the eyesight; it flushes the arteries and the lymph system. The practice of this kriya also flushes the breasts which can prevent breast cancer. Furthermore there will be no tennis elbow when this exercise is done regularly.

14. Sit in Easy Pose and fold the arms across the chest with the upper arms away from the body and parallel to the ground. The neck is straight. Meditate at the root of the nose and pull the arms forward from the shoulders.

This Kriya brings the serum up the spine and adjusts it, giving a very calm, quiet, peaceful behavior. It will enable one to face tension and feel good about it. Practicing this kriya you cannot be a "zombie'' but must be a full-fledged person.

15. Sitting in Easy Pose, bunch the fingertips at the thumbtips thrusting the mudra into the armpits. Pull downward with the arms creating a pressure in the shoulders. Continue 1 - 3 minutes.

16. Remain seated in Easy Pose and extend the right leg straight out in front of the body. Place the left foot on top of the right thigh. Place the hands in Venus lock behind the back. Place the head on the knee and raise the arms as high as possible. Relax in this position for 1 - 2 minutes.

This kriya is good for the ovaries and proper menstruation. It also eliminates the passing of bad gas in women. (Men need to use Baby Pose to control this problem.)

17. Sit in Easy Pose. Place the hands on the hips with the elbows parallel to the body. Pull the elbows back and push them forward with a jerk, "chicken wings". Continue for 2 minutes.

18. Remain in Easy Pose. Make the hands into fists and raise the arms over the head. Begin lowering alternate arms (left arm first) and jabbing them back up, giving equal force to the extension and contraction of the arms. Continue for 3 minutes.

19. Remain in Easy Pose. Place the hands in Venus lock at the throat level with the palms facing down.
Raise the hands over the head and lower them back down to the throat level as rapidly as possible.
Continue for 2 minutes.


20. Remain in a seated position and place the soles of the feet together. Pull the feet in towards the crotch with the hands. Begin raising and lovering the knees in a fluttering movement for 2 minutes.

21. Sit in Easy Pose. Place the hands on the knees and keep the arms straight. Inhale completely hold the breath for as long as is possible and pump the navel in and out. Exhale and inhale, repeat the exercise. Continue for 4 - 5 minutes.

Comments: Beginning May 1, 1977 and continuïng on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the following week, Yogi Bhajan instructed the Los Angeles Advanced Class in a series of Kundalini Yoga sets designed to stimulate the glandular system and strengthen the nervous system. Those sets are presented here in the order in which they were taught. We were blessed with these sets to help us prepare for the heavy times ahead.

(Wouter Koert: from "Kundalini Maintenance Yoga Sets", see advanced kundalini yoga set 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7).