KY for balancing head and heart KY kriyas (From Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy)

1) Sit in Easy Pose, arms straight out to the sides from the shoulders with the hands bent up at the wrists at a 90° angle, palms facing out and fingers together. The movement is in 4 parts, starting with the beginning position (A). On count 2 rotate the hands at the wrists so that the fingers point straight forward (B) On count 3 return to the original position (A), and on count 4 rotate the wrists so that the fingers point straight backwards (C). The elbows will rotate. Move in a rhythm of one full cycle per 4 seconds. Keep the arms straight and continue for 6-7 minutes, inhaling in position A, exhaling in positions B and C.

This exercise changes the chemistry of the brain fluid.

2) Still in Easy Pose. extend the arms straight out to the sides, palms facing out (A). In the first part of the exercise, inhale as the arms are raised up to form an arc with the palms crossing over and slightly in front of the top of the head without touching (B). Lower the arms to the original position as you exhale, and then raise the arms again as you inhale, this time cross the paLms over and slïghtly behind the top of the head (C). Continue the motion powerfully and always keep the arms parallel to the floor when in position A. Continue for 1-2 minutes.

3) Stand up and add Crow squats to the arm movements of exercise 2. As you exhale come down into Crow Pose, a crouching position with the knees drawn into the chest and soles of the feet flat on the floor (A). As you inhale and bring the arms up over the head. come into a standing position. Continue alternately squatting in Crow Pose and standing up with the arm movement for 3-4 minutes at a speed of 1 second per movement.