Kundalini Yoga for balancing the Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus (From Owners Manual for the human body)

''These three mantras and these three kriyas are for the trinity of your soul. It will give you the balance of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal.'' Yogi Bhajan.

1) Sit in Easy Pose with your spine straight. Stretch your arms out straight to the sides parallel to the ground, palms up. Touch the Mercury (pinkie) finger to the thumb keeping the other fingers straight. Chant the Guru Gaitri Mantra: Gobinde, Mukande, Udaare, Apaare, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnaame, Akame. (One repetition of the mantra = 10 seconds) 6 Minutes.

To finish: inhale hold the breath 5 seconds and exhale. Then bend elbows bringing the mudra up near the level of the ears and hold for 5 Seconds and then bring the mudra to diaphragm level with the extended fingertips touching and hold for 2 Seconds. Inhale and relax. Twist left and right briefly to ''let the energy stimulate in body".

2) Sit in Easy Pose with your thumb touching the Sun (ring) finger, mudra resting on your knees. Chant the Mul Mantra: Ek Ong Kar, Sat Naam, Karta Purkh, Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee, SaiBung, Gur Prasad, Jap, Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hebi Such, Nanak Hosee Bee Such, 7 1/2 Minutes. (One repetition of the mantra = 25 seconds.) Inhale and hold the breath for 20 Seconds. Relax. Then ''give your energy to every organ'' by twisting left and right and moving around for about 30 Seconds.
3) Remain in Easy Pose. Touch the Saturn (middle) finger and thumb and bring the mudra up to the level of the ears, elbows bent. Chant the Guru Gaitri Mantra (same as in #1.) 5 1/2 Minutes. Inhale, hold 15-20 seconds. Exhale. Relax. Stretch briefly to loosen your muscles.

4) Still sitting in Easy Pose, place the hands on the chest at the heart center right hand over left thumbs touching. Chant in a monotone:
Har Har Gobinde, Har Har Mukande /repeat this line 3 times. (3 times = 12 seconds)
Har Har Udaare, Har Har Apaare /repeat this line 3 times.
Har Har Hariang, Har Har Kariang /repeat this line 3 times.
Har Har Nirname, Har Har Akaame /repeat this line 3 times.
2 1/2 Minutes

Comments: Our system has what is called a "reserve force". It is a meditating power that is the cooperation among the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal. Medical science has not totally understood it, neither has it reached it. The body mechanism is under the control of this trinity: pineal is called the father, pituitary is called the son and the hypothalamus is called the holy ghost. It is called the trinity of the life psyche.
Kundalini Yoga is a simple methodical system to reach that reserve of the psyche through which we can live and develop forever.

(Taught by Yogi Bhajan on March 13, 1985)