Kundalini Yoga for creating and conserving pranic energy KY kriyas

1. Sit in easy pose with your spine straight. Put your arm out straight to the side with the palm facing down. (Men put out the right arm, women put out the left arm.) Rapidly move that arm up and down. It will be raised up to about sixty degrees and lowered back down parallel with the ground. Keep the elbow straight. Put your other hand around your throat and massage your throat vigorously. Breathe normally. 4 Minutes..

2. Sitting in easy pose or lotus pose, cross your hands over your heart. Bow down to the ground and rise up. Keep your spine straight and bend from the hips. Play Ragi Sat Nam Singh's Jaap Sahib and time your bows with the repetition of the words "Namo" and "Namastang". Continue in this rhythm. 14 Minutes.
3.Sit in full lotus pose with your hands on the ground on either side of your hips. Use your hands to lift your buttocks off the floor and then let the buttocks drop back to the floor. Chant "Har" with each bounce, using the power of the navel point. Chant using only the tip of the tongue. 2 Minutes.

4. Sit in easy pose and make a circle of your arms with your hands clasped over your head. Concentrate at your brow point. Keep your arms steady. 5 Minutes. Inhale, hold the breath for 30 seconds and pull the hands as if you are trying to pull them apart, but don't let them separate. Keep the fingers locked. Exhale.
5. Lie down on your back. Support your hips with your hands so that only the head and heels are on the ground. There is no bend in the knees. 2 Minutes
  6. Lie down and relax.