Kundalini Yoga for eliminating tension and pain KY kriyas

1. Rise up into back platform pose with the spine, pelvis and legs in a straight line. Do Breath of Fire as you raise and lower your hips. Move quickly, time your movements with the breath. Return to the straight line back platform pose starting position each time you raise your hips. 4-1/2 Minutes. This exercise will eliminate all tension for the week.

2. From back platform pose, raise the left leg up to sixty degrees. Keep the leg up in the air as you raise and lower your hips. Continue this movement with breath of fire 1 Minute. Change legs and raise and lower your hips. 30 Seconds.
3. Lie down flat on your stomach with your palms on the ground under your chest. The right hand is on top of the left hand. Inhale and raise yourself up into cobra pose with your elbows straight. Stretch your armpits. Exhale and lower yourself back to the ground. Continue raising and lowering the body with breath of fire. 4 Minutes. This exercise benefits the rib cage and lower spine. It strengthens the heart and prevents problems as long as it is done with the hands in the above position.

4. In cobra pose raise and lower your left leg from the hip. Keep the leg straight with no bend in the knee. 1 Minute. Raise and lower your right leg. 30 Seconds.
5. Lie on your back. Raise your heels twelve inches and flex and relax your feet. Move from the ankles. Move both feet at the same time. 1-1/2 minutes.
6. Bend your knees into your chest. Then extend the legs straight out, holding them twelve inches from the floor and then bring them back to your chest. Continue this motion. 2-1/2 Minutes.
7. Bring your knees to your chest and lock them with your arms. Sing along with Pritpal Singh's Chattr Chakkr Vartee. Sing loud and clear. 15 Minutes
  8. Inhale and hold the breath for 1 Minute. Exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.
  9. Return to a sitting position and raise your arms overhead and shake them with such energy that your whole body shakes. 1 Minute.


The feet express the heavens and the hands express the earth. If you want to adjust the psychic body, massage the feet. If you want to adjust the physical body, massage the hands. - Yogi Bhajan