Kundalini Yoga for elimination (apana) exercises KY kriyas

1. Vatskar Kriya: Sit in easy pose with hands on knees. Make a beak of the mouth and drink as much air as you can into the stomach using short, continuous sips, as if you were swallowing. Pull in and hold. Roll the stomach to the left. then reverse the direction to the right when the breath has been held in for half its maximum time. Continue rolling the stomach as long as possible with neck lock applied. When the breath can be held in no longer, straighten the spine and exhale slowly (not powerfully) through the nose. Repeat the complete exercise 2 times. Always do this on an empty stomach and not more than twice per day.

2. Sit on the heels and touch the forehead to the ground. Keep hands down at sides. Imagine that there is a big tail coming off the end of the spine and wag it. Imagine the tail weighs 100 pounds and try to make it break the wall. Continue for 3 minutes followed by 5 minutes of rest.
3. Lie down on the back. Press the toes forward. Lift both legs three feet up. Start long deep breathing. Continue for 2 to 3 minutes. Inhale - hold briefly and relax.

4.Lying down on the back, bring the legs overhead and catch the toes. Roll back and forth from the base of the spine to the neck. Hold onto the toes and keep rocking for 3 minutes.
5. Sit up immediately in easy pose. As calmly as possible, make a "U" of the right hand and close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand. Use the little finger to close the left nostril. Inhale through the left nostril, exhale through the right. Continue for 3 minutes, then inhale and feel the energy radiate throughout the body, giving health and life.
6. Sit in easy pose. Interlace fingers and thumbs in front of the chest at the heart level with the palms facing the chest. Turn the head left and right. Inhale as the chin goes over the left shoulder, exhale as it turns right. Continue for 3 minutes.
7. Sit in easy pose, arms out parallel to the ground. Swing arms backward in a rolling motion as if swimming. Continue for 1 minute.
8. Inhale - bend the elbows to bring the fingertips onto the shoulders. This remagnetizes the electric current. While the breath is held, the energy starts circulating. Exhale - let the energy flow to all parts and feel refreshed.
This is a good example of a simple but powerful series that was kept secret by those few yogis who learned it. This will allow you to completely master your digestive system and give a youthful appearance to your skin. Aging does not start with years; it begins with nutritional deficiency, intestinal problems, and an inflexible spine that disrupts the flow of spinal fluid.
Exercise 1 adjusts the acid-base balance in the stomach, but it must be done regularly without missing a single day. Exercise 2 strengthens the heart, Exercise 3 slims the waistline and cleans the gallbladder, Exercise 4 flushes the circulation and balances the nerves. Exercises 5 and 6 distribute the pranic force and stimulate the thyroid and para-thyroid. Exercise 7 and 8 remagnetizes the aura.