Kundalini Yoga for releasing premenstrual tension and balancing sexual energy KY kriyas (from aquarius teacher)

1) Sit on the heels. Extend the left leg straight back along the ground. Bend forward and place the forehead on the ground. Put both arms back along the sides, palms up. Relax all the muscles and relax the breath. Hold for 3 minutes, Then slowly rise up on the inhale, Bring both legs under, sitting on the heels. Repeat on the other side also for 3 minutes.
This exercise is a meditation itself. The time of practice can gradually be increased to 11 minutes on each side. It becomes a self-trance meditation. The pituitary gland is stimulated and the ovaries are relaxed. This posture is also excellent for the eyes.

2) Throat & Neck Massage. Sit on the heels. With one hand, gently massage the muscles on each side of the throat and neck. Use a wave-like motion from the collarbone up to the jaw. Continue this rhythmic squeeze for 2 minutes.
This exercise is for the thyroid and Fifth Chakra.

3) Ear Massage. Still on the heels, lift both hands up with the palms facing the ears. Keep the fingers together. Create a slight angle at the wrists so the fingers point away from the skull. Massage the ears and earlobes with the palms. Alternate between circular motion and linear up and down strokes. Continue for 2-3 minutes.
Inhale and gently pull the earlobes downward and away from the body. Hold for 10 seconds and relax.
This is for lymphatic stimulation and circulation. There are meridian points on the ears that govern all parts of the body. It is a whole body massage using just the ears.

4) Torso Twists. Still sitting on the heels, immediately place your hands at the lower back. Interlace the fingers in Venus Lock. Keep the spine straight. lnhale deeply as you twist the torso to the left. Exhale and turn to the right. The motion is moderately slow and complete. Continue for 3 minutes. To end inhale, pull mulbandh and concentrate on the full length of the spine. Imagine energy flowing up the center of the spine rejuvenating and relaxing the whole body. Exhale and relax.
This is for the lumbar spine and relaxation in the pelvis. It is also good for elimination.

5) Situps with legs spread wide... Lie on the back. Spread the legs as wide as possible, without strain. Grasp the shoulders with thumbs in back and fingers in front. Move the upper arms out so the elbows rest on the ground, Mentally survey all the muscles in the body. Then,. moving very slowly, muscle by muscle, bring the torso gradually forward until you bend all the way up, placing the forehead on the ground. Hold this position with relaxed breaths for 3 minutes. Inhale deeply as you lie back and relax.
Gradually rise up and forward. This time bend over the left knee. Hold the pose for 1 minute. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times, then inhale deeply as you go back.
Repeat the same situp and hold over the right leg. Hold for 1 minute. Inhale and exhale deeply three times. Then inhale deeply as you lie back.
This is for the sciatic nerve and its branches. It strengthens the abdomen and lets go of tension caused from anxiety.


6) Knee & Elbow Walk. Start by lying on the stomach. Come up so that you are balancing on the hands and knees. Raise the heels toward the buttocks. Bend the forearms with the hands up by the shoulders Raise the head so you can see forward. Begin to walk. Continue for 3 minutes. Relax completely on the back for 1 minute.
This promotes circulation, works on the heart and improves balance.

7) Lotus Walk. Sit in full Lotus Pose ( Lock the feet on the upper thighs with knees near the ground). Put the hands on the ground beside the knees. Lean forward on the hands and swing the body ahead. Repeat the motion so you scoot long the ground. Continue for 3 minutes
This opens the Navel Point energy, helps headaches and relaxes the sex organs.

8) Back Platform Pose. Sit straight with the legs stretched out in front. Put the hands on the ground in back and lift the hips up until a platform is formed with the abdomen straight Raise the head to look forward. Keep the legs straight and begin to walk on the heels and hands. Continue for 3 minutes.
This releases mental anxiety and tension, and strengthens the lower back and hips.

9) Relax. Totally relax on the back. Become weightless and float into the blue ethers. Continue for 15 minutes.

COMMENTS: This series adjust the energy in the sex-circulation meridians. It releases the tension in the ovaries and enhances circulation to the pelvic region. It is an excellent set for men: it balances the sexual energy and helps the prostate.
For women, if you experience chronic problems with tension and/or menstruation, practice this set every day for 40 days. During that time, eat light diet, drink plenty of water and Yogi Tea. The monthly cycle of menstruations is a major hormonal event. Oestrogen levels can change greatly. As the chemical levels vary, there are corresponding changes in emotions, a switch in the dominance of the brain hemispheres and shifts in cognitive abilities, some improve and others lessen. For many women menstruation is accompanied by cramps and pain. Sometimes this comes from too little exercise and a cumulative build-up of tension. The lack of movement and breathing stops the body from adjusting itself. Tension often builds up and registers in the ovaries making them rigid and immobile. Normally the ovaries go through a slow contraction and lifting motion during the month. If the tension is too high, this motion is interrupted. The body attempts to compensate with inappropriate muscles and nerves. This leads to pain and irregularities.