Kundalini Yoga for the adrenal glands KY kriyas (From Kundalini Yoga Resilience)

1) Come into Camel Pose. Breathe powerfully through the nose with one complete breath every 2 - 3 seconds. Inhale deeply to fill the lungs, and as you exhale press the navel forcefully towards the spine. Continue for 4 minutes.

This exercise is effective in the treatment of water and food diseases. It helps reduce obesity and, with regular practice, "gives one the power to live forty days without food".

Variation: You can also do this to music, using Jaap Sahib recording by Ragi Sat Nam Singh. Chant with the music and breathe powerfully and rhythmically. Press the navel in on the syllables of Namastang and Namo. Continue through Verse 28. (The next verse begins with Chaachree Chand Tay Prasad.)

2) Come into Crow Pose. Keep the spine straight and the feet flat on the ground. Extend the arms straight out in front, Parallel to the ground with the hands in fists. Maintaining a tension in the arms, move the arms alternately 30 degrees below parallel, with one arm rising as the other descends. Continue for 2 minutes.

(Musical Variation: Chant along with Jaap Sahib.)


3) Lie on the back and interlock the hands behind the neck at the hairline. Raise the legs, hips, buttocks and torso off the floor in an arching, junping motion. Let the body drop down and hit hard on the floor. Continue for 4 minutes.
This is a good exercise for the lower back and is "the best thing a woman can do for herself".


4) Sit in Easy Pose. Extend the arms out to the sides, palms facing down. The right arm is 30 degrees above parallel, the left arm 30 degrees below parallel. Keep the arms straight, moving them together in one line. The right one lowers to he floor, slapping the ground 4 times as the left arm rises and makes the same slapping motion in the air. Move to the rhythm of the mantra Har Har Har Haree. 3 minutes. Chant this mantra powerfully in a monotone from the navel Center behind the belly button.

5) Remain in Easy Pose and move the arms as in Exercise 4 with the mantra Har Har Whaa-hay Guroo. On the fifth beat, Guroo, do a quick double strike with the hands. Continue for 3 minutes.

6) Repeat Exercise 5 chanting the mantra twice per side for 3 minutes.

7) Continue chanting Har Har Whaa-hay Guroo as you proceed through the following postures. Each done for 30 seconds.

a) Place the right hand on the heart and tap the ground with the left hand.

b) Continue with both arms as in Exercise 4.

c) Repeat 7a.

d) Repeat 7b

e) Repeat 7a.

This is a brain exercise which strengthens the electromagnetic field. The upper arm motion is said to bring youthfulness and the motion of the lower arm, or striking arm, brings you energy.

8) Sit in Easy Pose. Extend the arms straight in front parallel to the ground, hands in fists. Powerfully move both hands alternately 30 degrees above parallel and 30 degrees below parallel. Move like a fast and powerful machine. Begin with Breath of Fire, then substitute the mantra Saa Taa Naa Maa in the Rhythm with the arm movement. Continue for 2 minutes.


9) Sit in Easy Pose with hands in Gyan Mudra resting on the knees. Breathe through the nose and gently, experiencing peace and compassion. Meditate and feel healed throughout. Continue healing meditation for 5 to 10 minutes.

Musical Variation: using a version of Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur openly from the heart.

10) Lie on your back with the arms by the sides, palms facing up. Deeply relax for 10 minutes.

Comments: Stress is endemic in our society. It can never be completely avoided, so its negavive effects must be counteracted in the body. One of the victims of chronic stress is the endocrine system. these glands are charged with adjusting the chemical balance in the blood and, in turn, the experience of well being. Chronic fatique and attempts to self-medicate using caffeine are often signs that stress has led to poor adrenal function.

This kriya is beneficial in strengthening the adrenal glands and relieving the longterm effects of stress. The adrenal glands play a very important role in the overall health of the body, mind and spirit. They produce hormones which control the bodies automatic functions of breath rate, heartbeat and digestion and determine whether the body is relaxed or alert.

This set of exercises strengthens the adrenal glands, improves digestion, balances the nervous system an the brain's hemispheres, helps alleviate fear and invigorates the body.

Yogi Bhajan