Kundalini Yoga for the frontal lobe of the brain KY kriyas

1. Sit in Easy Pose with your hands on your knees. The chest is out and the shoulders are back. Maintaining this posture, begin vibrating the front of the face, using a very rapid and short up and down vibrating motion. Try to move just the forehead. The breath will adjust itself. Continue for 8 - 9 minutes.
This exercise is called Mastak Subhaee. It works on the change and replacement of gray matter in the brain.

2. Remain in Easy Pose with the hands on the knees. Begin rolling the head on the neck in the shape of a side-ways figure eight. The chin comes down to the center of the chest with each circle, twice in a full repetition of the movement. Make sure that the exercise is performed powerfully and steadily with equal timing for each revolution of the head. Continue for 3 minutes at a moderate pace and then sit still for 30 seconds.
This exercise is called Infinity Kriya. It is very powerful and must be done carefully and consciously. The effect is to balance the central ear which affects clear and conscious thought.
3. Still in Easy Pose, bring the arms straight out from the sides of the body at shoulder level, the hands in fists with the thumbs outside. Inhale and bring both fists in to the top of the shoulders while stretching the elbows out as powerfully as possible and flexing your biceps. Return to the original position on the exhale. Continue the motion for 9 minutes. The musical tape of Sukhmanee Sahib accompanied this exercise in the class.

4. Remain in Easy Pose. Still listening to Sukhmanee Sahib, stretch the arms straight out in front and upwards at a 45º angle with the palms facing down, fingers held together on each hand. In this position begin shaking the head as fast as possible in a very short sideways motion. Shake the skull in a continuous motion for 1 minute. Inhale and relax.