Kundalini Yoga for the nervous system and glandular balance KY kriyas

1) Sit in Easy Pose with the arms extended straight out to the sides parallel to the ground. The palms are facing up (A). Begin to move only your Saturn finger (the middle finger) up and down rapidly (B). Using a poweful breath, inhale as you raise the finger and exhale as you lower it.
Continue rhythmically, coordinating this movement with the breath for 7 minutes.
This exercise stimulates the pituitary to create a balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

2) Remain in Easy Pose. Stretch the arms out in front, parallel to the ground (A) . Place the left hand over the right interlacing the fingers with the palms facing down.
Begin to rapidly swing your arms from side to side, moving the head and neck in the same direction as the arms. Keep the elbows straight. Continue coordinating the ' movement with a powerful breath for 5 minutes.
This exercise prepares the body for the shock of accidents by making it very flexible. It also strengthens the chest muscle and stimulates the lymph nodes in that area. There have been report that this exercise aids in preventing breast cancer.
3) Sitting in Easy Pose, extend the arms straight out in front, parallel to the ground (A). Make fists of the hands with the thumbs tucked inside touching the fleshy mound below the little finger. Keeping the arms and hands straight, bring the left arm up as the right arm goes down.
Continue alternately moving the arms up and down forcefully, coordinating the movement with forceful breathing for 8 minutes.
This exercise works to balance the parathyroid gland and stimulates weight loss.

4) Butterfly Pose. Sit with the soles of the feet pressed together. Draw the feet into the groin, keeping the knees as close to the floor as possible. Interlace the fingers into Venus Lock and place the hands in the lap (A). Inhale and raise the arms up over the head while simultaneously drawing the knees up towards the center of the body (B). Exhale and lower the knees and arms down to the original position (A). Continue rhythmically, coordinating the movement with powerful breathing for 8 minutes.

This exercise balances the prana and apana, sets the navel point, and brings the breast line into total balance. This exercise also prepares end maintains a woman 's pelvic area during her child bearing years.

Comments: from Yoga for Youth and Joy, By Yogi Bhajan