Kundalini Yoga to eliminate tension and stress KY kriyas

1.Relaxing Buddha:
A relaxing pose that will release tension and stress in just 11 minutes. Sit in Easy Pose. Your right elbow is bent and resting on the right knee. Lean your right cheekbone on the palm of your right hand with the fingers loosely covering the right half of your forehead. Close your eyes and just relax. This pose will put pressure on your liver, so just relax and let the body adjust to it. If you want to really relax, play the "Guru Ram Das Lullaby" as you do this meditation. 11 Minutes.

2. To Experience the Jupiter Energy:
Sit in Easy Pose. Left hand mudra: the Saturn (middle) finger crosses over the back of the Jupiter (index) finger. The other two fin-gers are closed and locked down with the thumb. The back of the left hand rests on the left knee.
Right hand mudra: the Jupiter (index) finger extends straight up and the other fingers are closed and locked down with the thumb. The right elbow is bent and the right hand is about chin level. Close your eyes, relax, and quickly move the Jupiter finger around in a circle. Only the Jupiter finger moves.

Concentrate on moving the Jupiter finger. Listen to "Ang Sang Wahe Guru" tape by Nirinjan Kaur. 11 minutes. To finish: inhale, keep the finger moving, and tighten all the muscles of the body as you hold the breath for 10 seconds. Exhale and repeat two more times.
This meditation can release tension and call in the Jupiter energy of prosperity and expansion.
3. To Get Rid of Tension so You Can Live:
To let it all go: Sit in Easy Pose. Extend your arms out and down with the palms up. Circle your extended arms inward and upward and continue around to complete the circle. Really push hard as you move upward. 3 minutes. Then inhale deeply and relax.


A most powerful combination against stress is to do the Relaxing Buddha meditation and then do 31 minutes of breathing only one breath per minute (inhale 20 seconds, hold 20 seconds, and exhale 20 seconds). It will bring you to a state of calmness that will win the game of life. Normally there is so much tension in life that we are all numb. We miss opportunities through a lack of sensitivity. - Yogi Bhajan