Kundalini Yoga to raise kundalini in quick order KY kriyas

1. Table Pose: Squatting, with feet 1,5 - 2 feet apart, pass upper arms between thighs and calves, (inside thighs and outside calves), and place hands under heels, thighs resting on the elbows, spine parallel to the floor. Hold with long, deep, breathing for 2-5 minutes. Then inhale, exhale and apply Mulband.

Balances the sex glands.

2. In Easy Pose, holding onto the shins, stretch and contract the spine up and down from the base for 2-3 minutes. (Without back & forward movements. there may be pain near the kidneys.) inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand.

3. Spinal twist, using shoulders with hands on shoulders, fingers forwards thumbs back. Feel it at the navel point. Continue for 2- 3 minutes.

4. Spinal twist, with palms together overhead, arms straight up for 2-3 minutes. (For 9th vertebra.) Then inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhand.

5. BODY DROPS in Lotus Pose, if possible, or with legs stretched out in front. Weight is on fists beside the hips which lift the buttocks and drop them down again for 2 minutes.

6. Legs stretched straight out in front, stretch body forward and relax down, head on knees for 2-3 minutes.
Then inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhand.

7. In EASY POSE, cross arms and place hands on opposite knees. Inhale deeply, pulling the arms and stretching the shoulders, hold the breath in, and exhale and relax.

8. Finger Lock at Heart Center, with long, deep breathing. Pull hard for 2-3 minutes. Then inhale, stretch arms over head and hold, exhale and apply Mulbhand.

9. BOW POSE: On stomach, grab ankles and arch up, pulling arms and legs as high as possible. inhale, stretch up even higher, pull Mulbhand hold.

10. Meditation: Fix eyes on top of the skull, and press the tongue on the roof of the mouth. (There may be pain in the nose.) Dedicate self to the Divine.

Comments: This is an excellent preparation for deep meditation. G.K. (Some times were added by G.K.)
(taught by Yogi Bhajan April 9' 1970, from Relax and Renew)