Kundalini Yoga to raise kundalini set 5 KY kriyas



1. In Rock Pose, with knees apart, inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhand, concentrating at the 3rd Eye. Repeat twice more. "The seed is sown!" (Yogiji released life force for 1 second to aid class.)




2. Sat kriya for 3 minutes. Then inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand and pull up along the spine.




3. Push up into Cobra Pose, inhale, exhale and swivel head left and right. Inhale and relax.

Comments: Identify with the Creator (Truth, Sat Nam) and you wil become Sat Nam. The grace of the teacher is to plant the seed, then the Self does the work.

(As taught by Yogi Bhajan September 21" 1969, from Sexuality and Spirituality)