Kundalini Yoga to raise kundalini set 7 KY kriyas

1. On your back, raise the arms to 60 degrees, inhale and hold for 1 minute. Exhale, inhale, raise the legs to 90 degrees for 3 counts, exhale down. Inhale, raise both legs to 60 degrees and hold for 1 minute. Then press the toes forward,with the heels together, exhale, inhale, and hold this pose for 15 seconds, and relax.

2. On your back, raise one shoulder and bring it to the ground without using your body, and then the other. Repeat this 4 times.

3a. Sitting, bring one knee to the chest, and raise the other outstretching leg 12" and swing it in an 180 arc from the hip for one minute. Switch legs and repeat. Repeat the exercise on the first leg and then a second time on the second leg.

3b. In Rock Pose do Spinal Flex fast for 2 minutes.

3c. Continue Spinal Flex with arms stretched out in front for 1-2 minutes.

4. From Rock Pose, lean back and support the weight on the elbows and forearms, and do neck rols for 1-2 minutes. For the Thyroid.

5. On your back, raise alternate shoulders as in (2.), at the Breath of Fire rate. This is the best exercise for the heart.

6a. On your stomach, raise your head and legs only and leave your arms on the ground stretched out in front of the body, with your hands in Venus Mudra. Hold this pose with Breath of Fire for 1 minute.

6b. Arms straight, with the hands in Venus Mudra behind the back, raise upper body, and stick out the curled tongue and do Breath of Fire for one minute.

7. Come into Cobra Pose, supporting the body with the arms, and say "Hum", relax down and say "Hum". Continue for 1-2 minutes.

8. Relax on your belly.


Comments: (As taught by Yogi Bhajan in February 1972 , from Sexuality and Spirituality)