KY meditation for hairtrigger efficiency

What It Will Do for You

This meditation brings the entire nervous and glandular system into balance. By putting the thumbs together in the mudra the sciatic nerve is neutralized at the point of ego. This particular balance puts pressure on certain meridian points in the shoulders.
In doing the meditation you will come to understand that even with the breath out you are still alive. A lot of problems in family and social relationships are because you don’t have control over the breath. The beauty of life is based on the breath. It is the link between you and God and it is what gives you the sensitivity to feel all around you.

Do this meditation at lunchtime or any time you want to get sharp. It can give you hairtrigger efficiency in a life and death situation.

How to Do It
Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. With the elbows bent, raise the hands up and in until they meet at the level of the heart a few inches from the body. With the fingers of both hands extended and joined and the palms facing the body, place the palm of the right hand over the back of the left hand. The fingers of the left hand point toward the right and the fingers of the right hand point toward the left. Press the thumbtips together. Hold the hands and forearms parallel to the ground.
Keep the eyes 9 parts closed, 1 part open. Inhale deeply and hold for 10 seconds. Exhale completely and hold the breath out for 10 seconds. (The air must go all the way out on the exhale so that all the heart valves get equal pressure, and the brain and central nervous systems will trigger survival systems for a few seconds.) Continue. Concentrate powerfully on the breath.
Practice this meditation 3 to 5 minutes at a time.

taught January 28' 1980, source survival kit

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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