KY Meditation for transformation

How to Do It
Sit comfortably so that you can meditate with a straight spine.

Place both of your hands in fists at your diaphragm. Touch the middle knuckles of each Saturn (middle) finger. Pressure on this central knuckle immediately gives self-confidence Extend your Jupiter (index) fingers directly away from your body and let their end pads touch, forming a teepee. Extend your thumbs straight up and stretch them back as far as possible. They touch from the last knuckle to the tip. Their connection may be different with different people. If your ego is very large, then they will not bend back very much and you will feel a lot of pain. Even if your ego is a little smaller and they bend back very far, the pain will still come after awhile.

So, your hands are touching at the Saturn knuckles, Jupiter fingers, and thumbs. They are placed at the level of the diaphragm, touching your body. Your thumbs are stretched back.

Inhale deep into the diaphragm and chant WAAHAY GUROO 40 times on this one breath. There are two important factors in this chant. First, when you run out of breath, stop. Do not cheat and continue chanting. Wait for the breath cycle to begin again. You may, however, begin by chanting WAAHAY GUROO 16 or 24 times as you build up to 40 repetitions, which is the ideal. Second, WAAHAY GUROO should be chanted in three parts. WAA means infinite; HAY means thou; and GUROO is the Self. When chanted in this manner, WAA - HAY GUROO draws you very near to God. So, there are three distinct parts to this meditation: WAA, HAY, and GURO0. They may be chanted slowly or not. The time doesn’t really matter, but the three-beat rhythm does. It must be properly established.

You may begin practice of this kriya with 10 to 15 minutes; there is no maximum limit, but 31 minutes is, generally speaking, a good length.

What It Will Do for You

When we see the dark clouds coming over the mountain, we seek shelter because we know there is an inherent danger in those clouds. We may get soaking wet; we may get struck by lightning. This meditation clears the darkness from the clouds in our hearts and helps us to avoid that inherent danger. It adjusts our perception of our projection and prevents weird actions resulting from a poor self image.

In 10 - 15 years, the world insanity will be so great that people are going to go berserk and jump around like monkeys without rhyme or reason. Many nervous systems will totally fail. People will fall on their shoulders and scream with a twisted mouth. 1f you cannot help them in any other way, have them do this meditation even if you have to tape their hands together. In fact, if you have mastered this meditation, all you need do is sit with them and have your hands in the proper mudra. They will receive all the benefits.

To master this kriya, it must be practiced 120 days. That is 40 days for each of the 3 cycles. That is the shortest possible time. It may take as long as 40 years. It depends on how vigorously and sincerely you practice it. However, you will almost always begin to notice some effects in about 120 days.

The effects are: 1) When you speak, the power of listening and understanding is automatically given to the person you are speaking to; 2) Whatever you say, you shall remember; and 3) Your sayings shall not be forgotten among humans.

Sometimes when you begin practice, you will feel a pressure around the lungs and the thyroid gland. This is a very temporary effect. Later you will feel very young, very energetic and very levitated. The action of the tongue as it flicks the upper mouth causes the central nerve or its tip to be stimulated. This causes the thalamus to secrete and drip, the pineal to radiate, and the pituitary to secrete. The energy at your navel point will run down to the base of your spine, then back all the way up, back and forth. You will get a feeling of vast horizons; they call it enlightenment.

taught March 8' 1976, source survival kit

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