KY for circulatory systems and magnetic field (from SG)

l) Lie down flat on the back, arms straight along the thighs, heels and toes together. Press the toes forward. Press the toes deeper and deeper for 1 minute, then lift the heels 6 inches. Begin long deep breathing. Keep the head relaxed down on the ground and continue for 3 minutes.

2) Dead relaxation for 2 minutes.

3) Again press the toes forward both with the hands straight along the thighs and toes pressed down maximally. Hold for 1 minute. Now lift the heels up 3 inches only. Apply mul bhand. Relax.

4) Dead relaxation. Become disassociated from the body. Imagine that there are no legs, no arms, no trunk, no head. Continue for 2 minutes.
5) Sit in easy pose. Put hands 'on shoulders in a "U" with fingers in front, thumbs in back. Begin breathing long and deep for 3 minutes. then inhale and mentally circulate the pranic energy. Relax.

6) Make an antenna of the right hand with fingers straight up in the air and the thumb closing off the right nostril. Begin long deep breathing through the left nostril for 5 minutes. Inhale - hold for 30 seconds and let the energy circulate in the body.

7) Lie on the back. Lift toes and head 12 inches from the ground. KEEP UP! Do normal breathing for 2 minutes and breath of fire for 1 more minute to relieve pain. Inhale - hold, and relax.

8) Deep relaxation to a gong or to the chanting of long : Sat Nam's " (see basic Breath series) or any beautiful divine version of the Ashtang Mantra can be done. Relax for 10 minutes. Then rotate the wrists and ankles and stretch the spine.

9) Lie with hands at sides and legs straight together. Begin bundle roll. Imagine the body is a bundle of logs tied together and roll over and over without using the arms or legs, like logs rolling downhill.

10) Without a rest, lie flat on the back, open the mouth, and laugh loudly. Release the energy through the lungs. Relax for 1 minute and laugh again.

Blood is the life supply line to your cells. Did you know that the blood cells act differently with different magnetic influences? Exercises 1-4 raise and lower the blow pressure and increase circulation to the limbs and head. Exercises 5-7 magnetize and charge the blood with pranic force. This is like getting a transfusion of fresh young blood. The last exercise allows the new energy to circulate and affect the entire body. With the bundle roll, you consolidate those effects for the rest of the day.