Kundalini Yoga to transform de lowest triangle to the highest triangle.     KY kriyas  
(From Kundalini Meditation manual for intermediate students) 

A. Come into camel pose: sit on the heels, grab the ankles, and arch up so the navel point is the highest point. Head is relaxed back. (A) Begin breath of fire powerfully. Mentally inhale SAT, and exhale NAM. Continue for 3 minutes. Then inhale and hold the breath for 10 seconds. In the same pose, begin Sat Kriya: apply mulabandha while exhaling with a vocal SAT, inhaling ard relaxing wfth a vocal NAM. Continue for 3 minutes.

B. Immediately bring the head forward to the ground. Lock hands in venus lock on the back. Raise the feet and forelegs off the ground near the buttocks. (B) Balance and meditate at the brow point for 3 minutes.

C. Sit as in “B above and extend the left leg straight back and up to 60 degrees. Then bend it towards the buttocks and start kicking the buttocks as you do breath of fire, (C) Continue for 2 minutes. Switch legs and repeat 2 minutes.
D. Immediately come back into celibate pose with buttocks on the ground between the heels. (D) Begin long, deep, and slow breathing for 2 minutes.

E. Sit as in “D above and lie back on the ground.
Extend the hands straight up over the head perpendicular to the ground. The palms are flat together.
(E) Begin Sat Kriya in this position for 3 to 5 minutes.

F. Come into camel pose. (F) Begin long, deep, and slow breathing for 2 minutes and then begin breath of fire for 2 minutes. Inhale, hold briefly, and with the exhale, come foreward with the head on the ground.


G. With the head on the ground, extend the arms straight with the palms toqether. The elbows will hug the ears. (G) This is Gurpranam. Continue for 3 minutes.


H. Lie on the back and come into stretch pose. head and feet 6 inches off the ground, toes pointed. (H 1) Begin breath of fire for 3 minutes. Then immediately begin to inhale deeply and lift the knees to the heart. (H2) Exhale and put the legs straight on the ground. (H3) Continue with long, deep, and slow breathing for 2 minutes.

I. 1) Raise up into shoulder stand. Support the spine with the hands with the weight on the elbows. (1) Begin breath of fire for 3 minutes.

J. From “I”, lower the legs over the head to the ground in plough pose with the arms straight back.(J) Begin breath of fire for 3 minutes. Then raise up to shoulder stand and do breath of fire for 3 minutes again. Relax on the back afterwards.

K. Repeat exercise “H”.

L. Roll immediately onto the stomach. Put the hands together behind the back and lift the head and shoulders off the ground. (L) Begin breath of fire for 3 minutes and then relax.

M. In the same position as “L but with the chest relaxed on the ground, begin to kick the buttocks with alternate legs. (M) Continue for 3 minutes.
N. Reach back, grab the ankles, and arch up into bow pose. (N) Rock gently back and forth. Continue for 2 to 3 minutes.
O. Come up into cobra pose. (O) Begin breath of fire for 3 minutes. Relax.

P. Sit up and bring the soles of the feet together. Hold the toes with both hands. (P) Rock back and forth in rhythm with the chant:

Gobinde, Mukunde, Udhare, Apare, Hariang,
Kariang, Nirname, Akame.

Continue for 5 to 31 minutes. This is a chant of bliss and joy. Put the heart and lungs into it.

It the energy in the lower triangle of chakras is not balanced and allowed to transform to higher energy frequencies, man is totally a slave to his hunger, thirst, and sexuality. He follows the whim of the body and has great difficulty with any form of discipline. The sexual potency of that person will be sporadic. This set stimulates the energy of the lower triangle: rectum, sex organs, navel point, and transforms their energy into the higher brain structures: pituitary, pineal, memory gland. The rest between exercises is short and all breathing should be done with enthusiasm.
Exercises “A & F” conquer the rule of hunger, thirst, and poor digestion. Exercises “B & C” releases energy to the brain and is known as Adha Shakti Chalnee Kriya. It gives clarity of thought and clear sparkling eyes. Sciatica can never be a problem. Exercise “D” is for potency and exercise “E” eliminates wet dreams and enables you to gain sensitivity to the truth in any situation. It creates alliance between your mind and soul so that your mind will never bow before the ego of man. It gives you a radiant power. In exercise “F”, you will sweat. Any pain that occurs is a result of too much sexual activity or activity with the wrong frame of mind and tension. Exercise “G” is for the head centers. Exercise “H” is for the navel point energy release. Exercise “I” opens the digestion and elimination of the intestines. Exercises “J through O” adjust the navel point and balances the aura and distributes the sexual energy smoothly. After this kriya, meditation becomes automatic.