KY meditation for Relief from Stress KY meditations taught June 7" 1994 YB

1. Bend your right elbow so that your forearm is in front of your body with the palm facing down. Without bending your wrist, move your right hand quickly up and down from the tip of your nose to your navel. Move fast and forcefully. Put your entire life force into the movement. Close your eyes and look at the center of your chin through your closed eyes. After 1 Minute make a tight fist of the left hand as you continue rnoving the right hand up and down for 2 Minutes more. This action affects the psyche of the heart.

2. Sit with your arms down at your sides. Bend your elbows so that your forearms are parallel to the ground. The left palm faces downward towards the earth and the right palm faces upward toward the heavens. Alternately move each forearm up and down as if you were bouncing balls with your hands. Move powerfully. 3 Minutes. (The pace is 1 to 3 movements per second.) You are activating the earthly and heavenly elements within you at your own comnand and balancing them.

3. Place your hands at your heart center with the right hand over the left. Bend your neck to the left, bringing your left ear toward your left shoulder. Straighten your neck and bend your neck to the right, bringing your right ear toward your right shoulder. Continue leaning the head left and right. Close your eyes and mellow down into it. 2 Minutes. Move smoothly into the next position without a break. This exercise lets the neck adjust itself.

4. Stretch your arms straight up with the fingers open as wide as possible. Squeeze all the muscles in your body as you stretch upward.
1 Minute. Relax.

COMMENTS: Stress is an essential part of modern life. Everyone needs techniques to de-stress themselves.This 9 minute meditation is a self-administrated glandular control. The glands are the guardians of your health. You can trigger your own system to serve yourself. For example in the first exercise, Yogi Bhajan says "the right hand sends a message of calm, while the left fist sends a message to the nervous system to wake up. The nervous system alerts the glandular system. the white corpuscles, and the cells. These two messages go to the brain which acts to balance the situation. The brain tells the pituitary, the master gland, to act. The pituitary tells the glandular system to do its best, the body works to come to balance, and the body chemistry will change".

"The techniques of Kundalini Yoga are an effective way to get knowledge from the Unknown.” YB