Kundalini Yoga Pranayama series 1 KY pranayama

1. Sit in easy pose, the hands in gyan mudra with the arms straught. Begin breath of fire and continue for 7 minutes. Inhale - hold the breath for 30 seconds, exhale.

2. Begin long deep breathing through both nostrils. Breathe deeper than normal so that the entire rib cage lifts several inches. Continue 5 minutes, then inhale - hold 15 seconds, exhale.

3. Immediately begin to breathe in through puckered lips and exhale through the nose. Continue 3 minutes. Then inhale - hold briefly, exhale.

4. Do a powerful and regular breath of fire for 2 minutes. Then inhale deeply - hold as long as is comfortable. Focus at the brow point.

5. Meditate with normal breathing. Feel the flow of energy through the whole body..

Kundalini Yoga Pranayama-series 2
Sit in easy pose, hands in gyan mudra. Make a ‘U’ out of the right hand. Inhale through the left nostril holding the right one shut with the thumb (A). Exhale out the right nostril holding the left one shut with the little finger (B). Think ‘Sat’ on the inhale and‘Nam’ on the exhale. Continue for 10 minutes with deep, regular breaths. Then inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale completely and hold it out. Apply mul bhand..


The first kriya is a good blood cleanser and energizer. The second is for emotional balance. If you get up in the morning and feel that you "got up on the wrong side of bed", this exercise will rebalance you for the day.