Kundalini Yoga pranayama series for glandular balance KY pranayama

1. Sit in easy pose. Break your inhale into 16 short sneffs. . With each sniff, mentally vibrate the mantra ‘Sat Nam’. When you exhale break the breath 16 times, again metally vibrating the mantra " Sat Nam ". With this continuous breathing pull the navel point slightly with each sniff. Start with 5 minutes of practice. Then add 1 minute each day to a maximum of 31 minutes.

2. Lie on the back. Put your arms straight overhead on the ground with palms up. Inhale - raise both legs 6 inches.Exhale - let the legs down and press the chin to the chest. Continue for 3 minutes with long deep breathing. Then rest for 2 minutes.
3. Sit in easy pose.Grab your elbows with arms across the chest. Inhale - raise to a straight sitting position.Exhale - bend forward and put your forehead to the ground. Continue for 3 minutes with long deep breaths.

The glands are the guardians of your physical health and your stability in infinite consciousness. Their secretions determine the chemistry of the blood and the blood in turn determines the composition of your personality. If for example, you lack proper iodine from the thyroid gland, you will lack patience and seldom succeed in staying calm and cool. If you are to gain mastery of unlimited consciousness in yourself you must master the physical consciousness to help you, not hinder you. It is best to work on this while you are young. Once you are old, it is too late to take care of your old age. Prepare your glandular balance now, so that age, disease and fatigue may not blunt the enjoyment of God-consciousness you are building.
If you keep the first exercise to 5 minutes, then just repeat the kriya 3 times to have a thorough glandular workout.