Bhagavan on Gratitude

Millions of devotees across the world, express their gratitude towards Sri Amma Bhagavan for having done so many miracles in their lives and for whatsoever they have been blessed with in their personal, professional and spiritual life.

Sri Bhagavan says "The hallmark of greatness is gratitude. Unfortunately people do not have this with them. Lack of gratitude, hinders growth. When observed carefully, every creature is indebted to Planet Earth for all that it has received. When a child is born, the child owes his/her gratitude to the mother for feeding him/her. Then the child expresses gratitude to the father for the security he provides. As a student the child owes gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom received from teachers. One also owes gratitude for the knowledge of life experience received from the forefathers".

In our daily life, we owe a lot to many people, but nobody realises the significant role others play in our life. For example, everyday we get to know what is happening around the world only by reading newspapers. How many of us would have thought about this and expressed our thanks at least once in our life time to the paper boy who ensures that we get our newspaper everyday regularly. Also, milk packets are delivered at our doorsteps each morning. How many of us have ever 'thanked' the person, even once, who places the milk packets, on time for our morning beverages to start the day, be it the rainy season, summer or winter, whatever, ... forget thanking; how many of us even thought of it till today. Remember, if there is no milk or paper, we can't start the day joyfully. Similarly we need to be thankful to many people known and unknown to us, for having helped us spend every day in this world with our day to day activities, such as bus drivers, auto drivers, house maids, scavengers, shop keepers, security guards, etc. We have all become machines and think that this is everyone's duty, anyways. Sri Bhagavan says, gratitude is the golden key for helping the flowering of the heart. We need to even be thankful to plants, animals and the whole of God's creation.

When one inculcates the sensitivity to recognize these Blessings and when the heart dwells in the state of gratitude, one realizes that this Universe is bountiful and every moment of one's life is Divinely guided with the Grace of God. Gratitude is the highest expression of emotion in humans as it signifies the evolution of one's consciousness.

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