Bhagavan on the Mula Mantra

Question: Seekers of time and again have sought the meaning of the meaning of the moola mantra. Please explain.

Bhagavan: The ultimate thing of the universe is what you call Brahman, which has 3 qualities, sat - chit - ananda. Its sense of existence is what is called sat, its conscious intelligence is chit, and its nature is ananda which is bliss. That is why it is normally qualified as sat chit ananda parabhrama. God or Ishvara is imminent in Brahman. God is power, compassion and love. That is why they refer to God as satchitananda parabrahma.

God relates to humans as though God were a human. Hence you call God, purushothama, as God also manifests in the individual as the antaryamin or the higher sacred self, since the antaryamin is in everyone, it is called the paramatma. The paramatma manifests as Bhagavatee and Bhagavate, through Amma and myself.

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