Bhagavan on to be free from suffering

Question: Nobody in this world is free of sufferings. To be free from sufferings what should be done?

Bhagavan: That's very simple. Please follow seven truths to be free from suffering.

1. Everything comes from a single source. It could be God or Energy. There is no beginning and end to life.

2. If you identify this source, you'll not differentiate between good, bad, right or wrong. All these things are our views. Everything came from one source.

3. Life is nothing but your search for 'Self'. In your life, things that happen to you, people you see, everything reflects your 'Self'. If you are suffering from poverty, it means there something wrong within yourself. You have to correct this to get out of poverty. If you have hatred, then who ever you see will exhibit the same quality. If you have evil thoughts, people you meet will also have evil thoughts. Try to understand yourself first.

4. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is by God's grace. Supposing you slip while walking, try to realize that as God's grace too. If you see God in everything, your life will become wonderful.

5. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is just a 'test' for you by God. It is not a bad experience. If it is considered as a bad experience then it would mean that God is not compassionate. If you experience a problem, consider it an opportunity for you to face it and come out of it. You've been given people, wealth and confidence to face challenges. If you understand this, your confidence will improve. Just to test your confidence God gives you a test.

6. If you realize that anything you experience is a test for you by God, then you'll be able to think deep about the problem and handle it in a better way. You'll understand its result. Then you'll have no fear.

7. If you understand the above 6 truths, then there will be an enormous transformation in your body. From then on, you'll not only have compassion, but you'll become that 'compassion'.

If you follow these, your relationships would improve. It'll be filled with love. If you attain this stage you are ready for the 'operation' I mentioned. You'll experience the divine grace experienced by saints like Ramana, Adishankara. You'll have no fear or sorrow. You'll have only Joy.
Don't try to analyze this logically. Our aim is Mukthi. If you follow these truths for even 21 days, you'll be joyful. The problem with us is we spread just the sorrow and sufferings. That's why Earth is dying. After you experience Joy and Happiness you'll be able to spread only Joy and Happiness to others.

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