Relaxing on the workfloor

- Breathing in general: breathe with the movement of the body
- Breathing cleansing: breath of fire through the nose: after a natural breathing out pull in the navel point fast and then let go, minimum 3 minutes strongly
- Breathing restful: gradualy breathe out complete with the mouth in a circle, to quiet down the mind
- Breathing: breathing with a firm belly, feel you abdomen as if you lift something
- Move with the basin: cat cow movement, also standing with the basin
- Move during the work: move like a dancer, celebrate life
- Knocking: knock the complete body with a loose fist and a with loose pulse or with a firm blow
- Shake loose: Osho kundalini meditation: shake standing, with bowed knees
- Stretch: joints stretch, from finger to arm: give each stretch a little time and after that, first breathe in, hold and then relax gradually while holding the breath
- Stretch: bend forward with the arms stretched above the head and breathe in with a firm belly and breathe out to the lower back
- Stretch: sidewards bending with the arms stretched above the head and inhale with a firm belly and breathe out to the stretched side
- Stand: firmly standing with bowed knees, in balance, and breathe with a firm belly, back straight, chin in, neck backwards

(*) translated May 8' 2005

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