The month is the Karma Number. 1f you were born in December, then your Karma Number is: 1 + 2 = 3.

Note: a number lower than 12 is not added!

Most people are stuck with their Karma, but when they begin a spiritual discipline the karma is taken care of. “Where there’s Dharma there's no karma.”

What is Karma? Karma is the outward conflict with the world. It is your external harmony.

Most of us got involved with 3H0 by the Grace of God. Our world was falling apart and all of a sudden we started doing a little Kundalini Yoga, then everything got to be a little smoother, and as we went along our chanting got better and everything else seemed to be going better for us. Our bodies were in horrible shape; we were seeking shelter from the pressures of the external world. With discipline our nervous systems got stronger and more harrnonious. When Yogi Bhajan says, “Where there is Dharma there’s no karma,” he means that our external worlds get harmonized.

After about 3 years of doing Kundalini Yoga you realize, “Ha, it is not the external world that’s freaking me out, it’s my internal reality that’s freaking me out.” Then this is when you begin to fight Shakti Pad.

When you conquer Shakti Pad you find your soul. In order to find your soul you must get rid of fear. The main thing that blocks us all is fear. The fear of what?

Each one of us has a different spiritual body that doesn’t work. When we get fearful, the fear comes from the spiritual body that is not working. When that spiritual body starts working, the fear will be gone.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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