Kundalini Yoga whahe guru kriya KY kriyas (Taught November 27' 1972, source: Kundalini Meditation Manual for intermediate students)

A) Come into chair pose: knees bent, back parallel to the ground, hands grasping the heels firmly. Keep the spine straight. The head looks down. (A) Turn head to the left shoulder and say WHAHE. Turn head to the right shoulder and say GURU. Alternate at a moderate pace to make a continuous sound current:
WHAHE GURU WHAHE GURU WHAHE GURU. Continue for 3 minutes.

B) Stand up straight. Put hands on the hips and lean backwards. Keep the legs straight. Let the head fall back. (B) Turn head to the left and say WHAHE. Turn head to the right and say GURU. Continue for 3 minutes.

C) Stand straight. Bend a little so the hands rest on the knees. Spine is straight but bend the head up. (C) Then chant WHAHE while turning the head to the left. Chant GURU while turning head to the right. Continue for 3 minutes.

D) Stand up. Stretch arms overhead trying to touch the sky. (D) On WHAHE, the feet are flat on the ground. With GURU, rise up on the toes. Vibrate up and down for 3 minutes.

E) Sit on the heels. Place the palms flat on the floor just in front of the knees. Spine and arms are straight looking like a sphinx. (El) Bend forward, touching the forehead to the ground and chant GURU. (E2) Rise up and chant WHAHE. Continue 3 minutes.

F) Sit in easy pose. (F) Begin to whisper the panj

After 2 minutes, chant loudly for 2 minutes.

G) Immediate come on the heels with palms on thighs. Begin flexing the spine and with a powerful whisper chant SA-forward, TA-back, NA-forward, MA-back. (G) Continue for 3 minutes, then meditate.

This kriya is known hy experiencing it. Basiclly the set is a total workout for the thyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands. Your whole body will sweat. Meditation after this kriya brings the realization that we are channels for truth and that “to maintain grace in the most ungraceful moments is the true human worth."

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