- Yoga While Pregnant or Menstruating

When you are Pregnant you should get permission from your docter to take special pregnancy yoga classes. During pregnancy all physical exercise should be calm and quiet.
You should listen to your body and rest when necessary even if the exercise is not finished.
The following exercises should not be done during pregnancy after the 120th day or if there are any medical complications:
- Exercises which apply pressure to the abdominal area (i.e. Bow Pose etc.) or which are over-stimulating
- Breath of Fire: only light Breath of Fire during the first 3 months is permissable if health permits, but check with your doctor.
- Mulbandh
- Leg lifts (except while lying on the side)
- Exercises to the point of exhaustion
- Exercises, which raise the pulse above 140 beats per minute
- All inverted postures (i.e. Shouder stand)
- Sat Kriya
- Lying on the back (or front, of course) after the fourth to sixth month, as it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for the mother as the weight of the baby unfavorably stresses the mothers's blood pressure. You should rest on the side.

Women should not do Venus Kriyas during pregnancy.

Walking meditation: Yogi Bhajan recomments that pregnant women spend a lot of time meditating and chanting during pregnancy. He also suggests that pregnant couples walk 5 miles a day together, at a flow, steady pace, to prepare the woman for child birth. A walking meditation called Cham Jap is suggested, when the couple walks hand in hand, chanting Sat Nam with the left step and Wahe Guru with the right step.

Menstruating: This in general applies to women on the first day of the menstrual cycle and the next if the flow is heavy. However, a light Breath of Fire is permissable. Women are encouraged to increase awareness of their bodies limitations and capacity during menstruation. A light Breath of Fire can actually adjust the menstruation, especially if the student has a regural practise of Breath of Fire in kriyas.


From the Aquarian Teacher

(*) Updated September 25" 2012

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