Bhagavan on Relationship with Parents

Question: What is the most important factor in keeping a good
relationship with one's parents?

Bhagavan: The basic thing you must know is that whatever they, as parents,
have done to you, whatever you do not approve of, was not that they did
willfully; they were made to do those things because they were
being controlled by several factors. You must realize that you are nothing
but robots.

You are a robot and your parent is a robot. If you can see that, you
wouldn't blame them at all. The way they behave with you would
depend on what happened while they were in their mother's womb,
their fundamental childhood decisions, past life vasanas, later day
conditioning etc.

If you realize this, then would come acceptance, then would come
love and the relationship falls into order. Once the relationship
falls into order, everything else falls into order.

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