Bhagavan on Surrender

Question: What is surrender? How to surrender?

Bhagavan: When we use the word surrender what we mean is that you should
understand that this mind cannot really help you and that you have to get
beyond the mind. If you let go of the mind, that letting go is what we
call, surrender. You must realize that the human mind is limited and there
is no use wasting your time with the mind. It is only going to create
obstacles for you.

If you can see that, the mind would stop interfering. If that
happens, then we say you have surrendered. That is all. It is not
some kind of slavish surrender. It is never used in that sense. God would
not like you to surrender like a slave. He is after all your friend. So,
when we use the word surrender it means putting aside
the mind, knowing its limitations.

You discover surrender when you feel you are helpless. When you feel you
are totally helpless you will discover surrender. That is when Grace comes
pouring. Imagine that you are struck on the railway line and the train
rushing at you, then you will certainly surrender!
Many people have surrendered to me like that. Most people surrender only
in dire moments. That is why miracles too happen only in those moments.

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