Forget where you came from. It is not important.
Forget your friends. The will not be with you at the end.
Forget your parents. Their job is done, so honor them by
capturing endurance, the means by which they stayed alive.

Forget the color of the sky. Where you are going requires a
different perception.
Forget your name. It limits you as a human being related to the animals.
Forget love, for it will distract you as you walk along the edge.

In starting over, embrace the flame of nothingness.
Forget possibility. It goes hand in hand with hope.
Forget that achievement matters.

Forget that others have hurt you or that life did not give all
that you deserved.
Forget your face, your voice, your intellect.
Forget those years of happiness.

Now, you are truly free.


From 'Sacred Fire' by Nancy Wood with Frank Howell,
a well-known native American poetry book

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