Long Deep Breathing (LDB) and Breath of Fire:

Start by lying on the back and observing the breath without interfering, as it goes automatically.
When you perceive that with the breath the chest goes up and down, focus more strongly on the abdomen, so that the breathing of the abdomen becomes visible and the chest comes to rest.
If you notice that the belly goes up when you inhale and goes down at the exhale you have proper breathing.
Now, when exhaling, pull the navel completely inwards and when you inhale press the navel completely outwards. Continue with this breathing for a while. This is the Long Deep Breathing.
If this way of breathing goes well, you will slowly but surely accelerate the pace of breathing to 2 - 3 breaths per second. Now you are doing the Breath of Fire. Build it up quietly. If you find yourself getting confused, go back to the Long Deep Breathing and slowly increase your speed again. The pull and push force that you use to move the navel must be equally strong.

Advantages of the LDB and the Breath of Fire:
1. It purifies the blood in 3 minutes.
2. It stimulates the solar plexus to release the natural energy through the entire body.
3. It increases the voltage of the nervous system.
4. If applied correctly, it produces a global alpha rhythm in the brain.
5. It increases physical endurance when needed in a survival or competitive situation.
6. It strengthens weak nerves.
7. It stimulates the navel point for steadfastness both mentally and physically.
8. It can help overcome addiction and cleanse you from the bad effects of smoking, drug use, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine.
9. It expands the lung content for better health and happiness.
10. It helps to focus attention.
11. It increases the lung capacity so that you can hold your breath for a long time, for example when swimming underwater.
12. It produces energy, spiritually and physically, for the entire body system.
13. It releases toxins and precipitated substances in the lungs and the slimy lining and the blood vessels and the cells.
14. It helps you regain control in a stress or survival situation.
15. It charges your aura to give you greater protection against negative forces.

(Translated from the book "Kundalini Yoga voor Algemene Technieken en Toepassing" by Wouter Koert)

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