KY Kriyas PDF in A4


KY to Channel Energy up the Spine

KY Basic Spinal Energy Series

KY Electromagnetic Field and Heart Center

KY for lower spine and elimination

KY for purifying the self

KY for the glands the circulation and the meditative mind

KY for disease resistance

KY for flexibility and the spine

KY for the use of reserve energy

KY for balancing head and heart

KY to stimulate the Ajna

KY to transform de lowest triangle to the highest triangle

KY for balancing the aura

KY for strengthening the aura

KY for the lymph system

KY Whahe Guru Kriya

KY for the warriors tension release

KY for a Healthy Bowel System

KY for sex energy transformation

KY for Sat Kriya Workout




(*) updated November 15" 2013

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