Kundalini Yoga Numerology

Of course there is a natural aversion against being defined by for example your birth day, your name, the stars, your gender, your function in society or any other thing.
Actually we know deep inside that nothing can define us.
That is because we are pure consciousness, in which all phenomena rise and disappear again. That's why we are absolutely not defined, by anything. We have neither form nor any quality. Neither word nor number can define us. One can not make an image of us.

We can use numerology for the phenomenon body-mind complex, because we can roughly describe that. Because everything is connected to everything, the whole manifestation has an impact on the body-mind complex.
We can do something about the body-mind complex, to relax it, to purify it.
In this field the Kundalini Yoga Numerology is very practical, because you can determine yourself on what area (one or more of the ten bodies) exercise can be useful.


You have ten bodies, you know that? You have a spiritual body, that's the soul. You have a negative mind which gives you right of life. You have a positive mind which gives you inspiration to achieve. You have a neutral mind which gives you success, victory and prosperity. You have a physical body which is the instrument with which you can achieve it. You have an arc line that goes from earlobe to earlobe. You have an aura. Aura is the body which represents and integrates your soul, mind and your body. Then you go into your subtle body; that is where you are wiser, faster and better than others. Then there is a Pranic body by virtue of how you live. And then comes the radiant body, that's your shield, that's automatic. You are not just physical.
-Yogi Bhajan 9/4/92

Description of the ten bodies

Analysing your Birthdate

The five Numbers


Mastering the ten bodies (*)

Kundalini Yoga Numerology in Dutch

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa



(*) updated October 7' 2015

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