KY Nine Minute meditations

Do a meditation each day for 40 days

9 Minute Max Meditations
The following sets of exercises are 5000 years old, the results of human experiments by the ancient yogis, sages and healers. These kriyas have effects which no herb, no healing, nothing can equal. They are the very secret exercises of Kundalini Yoga. They are not even taught to adepts. These very special, powerful kriyas take only 9 minutes with 2 minutes relaxation time.
These meditations can change anybody’s life! The busy person, who has little spare time, need only invest nine minutes a day to become young, fresh and new. In nine minutes you can renew the chakras, bring the elements into balance, control your breath, organize yourself and be smart. These are my gifts to the coming generations so they can enjoy their lives. Please learn these exercises and teach them freely.

Yogi Bhajan


KY meditation for Building Physical Health and Mental Clarity

KY meditation for The Base of your Creative Capacity for Life

KY meditation for Commanding the Command Center of the Glandular System (*)

KY meditation for Conquering one's Imagined Disabilities (*)

KY meditation for Elementary Adjustment of the Brain (*)

KY meditation for Experiencing the Original You (*)

KY meditation for Facing The Challenge of Tomorrow (*)

KY meditation to Give Yourself New Life (*)

KY meditation for Relief from Stress

(*) updated May 23" 2009

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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