Sadhana for Deekshagivers

Sadhana for Deekshagivers to deepen the process

During the sadhana you give your full attention from Monday till Saturday on 1 body, with awareness, exercise and meditation.
The first week you start with the first body, the second week with the second body and so on.
The week goes from Monday till Saturday and on Sunday you rest.
After you did six weeks sadhana for all the six bodies, you rest the seventh week and after that you begin all over again.

1. Anamaya Kosha, the physical body

2. Pranamaya Kosha, the energy body

3. Karmamaya Kosha, the karmic body

4. Manamaya Kosha, the mind body

5. Vigynamaya Kosha, the wisdom body


6. Anandamaya Kosha, the ecstatic body

Given at the deepening course in July 2006

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