Kundalini Yoga bandhas: Jalandhara bandha


This is the first most basic and most generally applied of the locks. It is a general rule to apply it in all chnating meditationss and during most pranayama exercises. Whenever yoy are holding the breath in or out, it is usually applied unless instructed otherwise

To apply Neck Lock: 1. Sit comfortably with the spine straight. 2. Lift the chest and sternum upward. 3. at the same time gently strecht the back of the neck straight by pulling the chin toward the back of the neck. 4. The head stays level and centered and does not tilt froward or to either side. 5. The muscles of the neck and throat remain loose. Keep the muscles of the face and brow relaxed. 6. The stretch is automattically applied by the shift of relative position between the chin and the chest. Do not force the head forward or down. That will only result in a sore neck.

What the Neck Lock achieves: 1. It seals the enrgy that is generated in the upper areas of the brain stem. 2. It prevents undue changes in blood pressure that can sometimes be induced by exercise and breathing. It acts as a safety valve that regulates that pressure by inducing dizziness that can result from a practice. 3. It is easier to focus on internal sensations and perceptions without distraction from the peripheal senses when you hold this lock. 4. It cerates nerve reflexes that stimulate and balance the thyroid and parathyroid glands. 5. It directs the flow of pranic energy into the central channel past the neck and in the channel relative to the heart. Without the neck lock, thepranayama energy could flow to the ears or eyes or other places. With the lock the heart is calmed and the flow of energy is natural. 6. Helps contain the energy of the Moon Center at the chin.

Kundalini Yoga bandhas

(*) updated February 17' 2008

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