Kundalini Yoga bandhas: Mulbandh


THis is the most complex of the three body locks. It is like a hydaulic lock at the base of the spine. It coordinates, stimulates, and balances the nergies involved with the rectum, sex organs, and Navel point. It redirects excess sexual energy into creativity and bodily repair. It there is a lack of sexual vitality, this helps correct it. This bandh is frequently applied at the end of an exercise or exercise series to crystallize its effects. It is usally applied in conjunction with Neck Lock. Root Lock is a smooth motion that consists of three parts.

To apply the Root Lock: 1. First contact the anal sphincter: feel the muscles lift upward and inward. 2. Once these muscles thighten and move , contract the area around the sex organ. This is experienced as a slight lift and rotation inward of pubic bone. It is like trying to stem t the flow of urine through the urethral tract. 3. Then contract the lower abdominal muscles and the Navel Point toward the spine. 4. These three actions applied together in a smooth, rapid, flowing motion in the mulbandh. 5. This lock can be applied with the breath retained in or out. Root Lock diifers from Diaphragm Lock in that the navel area is not contracted, while in Roo lock it is. 6. Root Lock is sometimes applied throughout a meditation or exercise. This is possible because the muscle groups used are distinct from the muscles used fro upper breathing or torso movements.


What the Root Lock achieves: 1. The key function is the blending of the prana and apana at the navel center. The mulbandh redirects the apana from its normal course downward to the First Chakra. There it joins the downward flow of pranic energy at the navel. When these meet an inner heat, or tapa is created, which then opens the entrance to the sushmuna, the central channel for energy flow up the spine. 2. It starts the process of transformation from gross to subtle. 3. It stimulates the proper flow of spninal fluid.

Kundalini Yoga bandhas

(*) updated February 17' 2008

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